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Is There A Link Between COVID-19 And the ‘Montauk Monster?’

In the annals of conspiracy theories and bizarre stories, there remains the unexplained mystery of the “Montauk Monster.”

If you recall back in 2008, the carcass of an eerily strange creature washed up on the shore of a beach of Long Island. Theories of what the bizarre creature was ranged from a discarded movie prop, to a deformed sea turtle, to a mutant raccoon.

What made the carcass even more mysterious was not only its strange appearance, but the remains of a leash or restraint tied to one of its paws. Which caused some to speculate it was some kind of escaped weird science experiment gone wrong.

That theory has gained new life in light of the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19.

Since it was first detected in Wuhan, China, some have made bizarre allegations that the coronavirus is a “biological weapon.” These kinds of claims are made credible by the belief of many, that top secret labs are working on viruses that could kill off all of humanity.

One such location that was called into question years before the appearance of COVID-19 was Plum Island, in New York. The classified work at the animal disease facility was long surrounded in mystery. Some conspiracy theories suggested the Pentagon created and spread a weaponized form of Lyme disease to keep people from the Island, and that the creature dubbed the “Montauk Monster,” came from the labs there.

The mysterious “mutant” washed up on the shores of Montauk, New York, which is not far from Plum Island. A photograph of the creepy-looking creature showed the animal laid face down in the sand with reddish black discolored skin and it was completely hairless.

Despite having four legs and a tail it appeared to have what looked like a beak and the remnants of sharp teeth.

A leading conspiracy theory at the time was that it was the remains of an escaped scientific experiment. They believed that it could have originated from the Plum Island Animal Disease Center – where they worked on animals to counter diseases that could kill off US livestock.

Up until the modern day, unusual theories have surrounded the hushed work conducted on the island – including claims that they were developing bacterial weapons that could end the world. Many thought that the “Montauk Monster” was a creature created either purposely, or inadvertently by the “mad scientists” on Plum Island.

The body of the strange creature was discovered on the shores of Ditch Plains beach, around 17-miles south-east of the research lab. What happened to the body from there was a mystery – despite anonymous claims that it was either taken by the government or buried by a local.

Without the body, and the lack of an autopsy or any DNA evidence, it was nonetheless concluded on a 2009 episode of the TV show “Monster Quest,” that the unknown creature was actually a decomposed raccoon.

Cryptozoologist Lauren Coleman analyzed a latex replica of the animal’s body. She felt that the body structure and skull shape proved it was a raccoon beyond doubt.

Prior to this, William Wise, then the director of Stony Brook University’s Living Marine Resources Institute thought that it was a dog or a coyote that had “been in the sea for a while.”

Ms Coleman’s theory was supported by the podcast Skeptoid episode 178 – released in 2009. On that program, it was explained that dead animals lose their fur very quickly after being submerged in water.

Host Brian Dunning said, “For some reason the Montauk Monster’s nose was missing, either due to predation or decomposition or both, exposing the front part of its skull.” This he said accounted for the “beak-like” appearance of the face.

He concluded there was a “clear match” between the creature and a Montauk raccoon.

Dunning added, however, “But it sure was fun wondering whether it was some weird monster from Plum Island.”

The idea that COVID-19 may have escaped from a lab somewhere, has many wondering again, what may have been going on in the mysterious biological research labs on Plum Island.


What do you think? Is the Montauk Monster, and the appearance of COVID-19 in the US, both proof of germ warfare experiments gone haywire?