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Is An Asteroid on Course to Destroy the Earth Within 10 Years?

This past weekend, millions took to their backyards to gaze up at the beautiful celestial fireworks display of the annual Leonid meteor shower. But, according to one research scientist, maybe they should have been on the lookout for something far more nefarious – an asteroid that could be on a destructive collision course with the Earth!

Its name is “The God of Chaos,” and researcher Michael Horn, says it may impact the Earth within 10 years, with devastating consequences. The “God of Chaos,” more accurately known as the Apophis 99942 asteroid by NASA and other space agencies, is estimated to skim past the Earth in 10 years. NASA has already begun preparations to study the space rock once it is closer to Earth.

But, Horn says other plans should be in place. He says, if NASA is wrong, and instead of a “near miss,” that Apophis should impact the Earth, it could destroy civilization, and throw the planet back to the time of the dinosaurs. During an interview with The London Daily Express, Mr. Horn explained global unity is needed to ensure that we assemble the planet’s “best and brightest” to form a plan to prevent destruction, in the event of an impact from the asteroid.

Mr. Horn has dismissed NASA’s claims the asteroid will merely pass close to the planet and has instead argued it will definitely strike the Earth. “Our universe is a tricky place and we are in it and there are bound to be things that are predictable and some that are not,” says Horn. “I would say that chances are good that Earth could be hit by objects, small or large, and if we were a cooperative world of people looking out for ourselves and therefore each other we would focus our resources. We would focus military resources on space technology [around the world] to protect the planet.”

Horn says, “Apophis will strike the Earth either April 13th 2029 or April 2026 if it isn’t deflected.”  He says he has it from a “reliable source,” that “Apophis will, with certainty, impact the Earth between the North Sea and the Black Sea on April 13th 2029, less than 10 years or April 13th 2036.”

He says his “source” has provideD him and his team “over 250 specific examples of what I would like to call prophetically accurate scientific information.”

The source of all of this “scientifically accurate information?” Horn says the leader of his team has spoken to aliens that have been tracking Apophis for centuries.


Are you worried about the Earth being destroyed by an asteroid or other cataclysmic event? Do you think it can happen in your lifetime?