Is An Asteroid on Course to Destroy the Earth Within 10 Years?

This past weekend, millions took to their backyards to gaze up at the beautiful celestial fireworks display of the annual Leonid meteor shower. But, according to one research scientist, maybe they should have been on the lookout for something far more nefarious – an asteroid that could be on a destructive collision course with the Earth!

Its name is “The God of Chaos,” and researcher Michael Horn, says it may impact the Earth within 10 years, with devastating consequences. The “God of Chaos,” more accurately known as the Apophis 99942 asteroid by NASA and other space agencies, is estimated to skim past the Earth in 10 years. NASA has already begun preparations to study the space rock once it is closer to Earth.

But, Horn says other plans should be in place. He says, if NASA is wrong, and instead of a “near miss,” that Apophis should impact the Earth, it could destroy civilization, and throw the planet back to the time of the dinosaurs. During an interview with The London Daily Express, Mr. Horn explained global unity is needed to ensure that we assemble the planet’s “best and brightest” to form a plan to prevent destruction, in the event of an impact from the asteroid.

Mr. Horn has dismissed NASA’s claims the asteroid will merely pass close to the planet and has instead argued it will definitely strike the Earth. “Our universe is a tricky place and we are in it and there are bound to be things that are predictable and some that are not,” says Horn. “I would say that chances are good that Earth could be hit by objects, small or large, and if we were a cooperative world of people looking out for ourselves and therefore each other we would focus our resources. We would focus military resources on space technology [around the world] to protect the planet.”

Horn says, “Apophis will strike the Earth either April 13th 2029 or April 2026 if it isn’t deflected.”  He says he has it from a “reliable source,” that “Apophis will, with certainty, impact the Earth between the North Sea and the Black Sea on April 13th 2029, less than 10 years or April 13th 2036.”

He says his “source” has provideD him and his team “over 250 specific examples of what I would like to call prophetically accurate scientific information.”

The source of all of this “scientifically accurate information?” Horn says the leader of his team has spoken to aliens that have been tracking Apophis for centuries.

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Are you worried about the Earth being destroyed by an asteroid or other cataclysmic event? Do you think it can happen in your lifetime?


33 Replies to “Is An Asteroid on Course to Destroy the Earth Within 10 Years?”

  1. Douglas C. Urschel

    Spoken to aliens? Well, if I knew we had such people on earth, I wouldn’t of concerned myself all those times when I’ve had to fight for my life. I wouldn’t have bothered or (if had some type of magic) I would have gone to him. Bottom line is, we’re all going to die. I’ve been shot, stabbed, and forced to fight for my life. So what’s the name of this thing?????

  2. zchoniej

    Not worried at all. Climate change (smile) will wipe us out either just before or just after, so 12 years and we are toast anyway. so why worry about it….. Just give your heart to Jesus and let God sort it out.

  3. SoJerSailor

    Same month and day in two possible years that are 9.5 years and 16.5 years away?
    This guy is listening to a source that has nothing to do with scientific observation.

  4. Stan Kerns

    Well, 60 million years since the last one, and only 1i0 until the next one—I doubt it—an eruption of Yellowstone is much more likely—and that isn’t going to happen either

  5. Kingrat

    Well, since the world governments are corrupted and soon America and others not too far behind. It seems logical that it is due time to reset time and earth to a new begining. Mother earth is falling apart and she needs a renewal in place. 2030 is about right for earth to be offset, to restart earth to be reborn.

  6. Larry

    Boy, what a break. Does this mean that we can (at last) stop worrying about climate change?? If this is going to wipe us out first, we can just FORGET about this ‘rumor’ called ‘climate change’ !!! :^) Of course, this’ll probably “bring forth” a NEW breed of disaster specialists who will want to spend an additional umpteen trillion dollars to “stop the universe so we can get off” !!!

  7. Donald Burke

    I have it from good sources that we will be thrown into turmoil with in the next five years, as an earth society that is, and we will be forced into surviving, if we are prepared. Have lots of long life food & water, E.M.P. protected radios and other electronic devices. And some old fashioned camping equipment, in case you have to flee home.
    It may take as long as a few years to even begin to get back on track! Many will die but the smart prepares will survive. Remember, five years if we’re lucky. We should already be protecting our electrical grid, but I sought the powers that be will do the smart thing. It will be up to the individuals and their family’s and hopefully communities! Good luck will only take u so far.

  8. k

    The last paragraph ………the leader pf his team has spoken to aliens that have been tracking Apophis fo centuries !!!!!! just proof this is a BIG “BS” story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Leonard J Goodboe

    Aliens really? I think we are safe because everybody knows that aliens use a quantum math that is different from ours and can cause errors of up to 500,000 miles. LOL

  10. GON MAD

    Only time will eventually tell. I think there WILL be a time of “CLEANSING” to our Mother Earth. With the mayhem & Hatred going on with civilization a RESET will be in order. Hasn’t this kind of thing happened many times in the past? When humans think we are greater than the order of the universe we get knocked back into reality. I could only hope we as a collective could come together & solve our petty differences & unify into something greater than greed & power.

  11. Kamicka

    Revelation 8:8, 10,11 – And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea … And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp … And the name of the star is called Wormwood.
    This happens during the 7 year tribulation. No one knows exactly when during the tribulation. So IF this star, aka, asteroid hits earth in approximately 10 years. Then Bible prophecy is on the cusp of being fulfilled and the 7 year tribulation is at the door.

  12. Fallingroc

    If the aliens have been tracking this thing for centuries, maybe they might also be able to help us alter the path of it using their advanced technologies… Hopefully these aliens wish to help preserve life in the universe…What a great way to introduce themselves to us Earthlings!!!! We surely would hold them in high esteem!!!! I do dream alot!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to ALL…including the aliens!!!!

  13. Kara

    Not so sure I believe that anyone talks to aliens. Kinda fishy to me.
    Who knows I suppose anything can happen.
    Remember… if it’s on the internet it has to be true?

  14. Doug Bright

    A look at actuarial statistics shows that most people worry about being killed by the silliest things when the reality is that, say, in the US (in 2017), the two top causes of death are depressingly predictable: heart disease (1 in 6 lifetime risk) and cancer (1 in 7).

    Otherwise, Americans have the following top 10 lifetime risks of dying (mortality risks, excluding disease), by:

    Unintentional poisoning (1 in 70). This can be further broken down into death by drug poisoning (1 in 75) and death by legal or illegal opioids (1 in 109).

    – Suicide (1 in 91).

    – Motor vehicle accidents (1 in 102). Broken down into automotive drivers and passengers (1 in 583), motorcycle riders (1 in 846), and pedestrians (1 in 561).

    – Accidental fall (1 in 119).

    – Gun assault (1 in 285).

    – Drowning (1 in 1,086).

    – Fire or smoke exposure (1 in 1,506).

    – Choking on food (1 in 3,138).

    – Biking accidents (1 in 4,050).

    – Accidental shooting (1 in 8,305).

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