Is America Heading For Civil War? Of Course It Is…

In my home state of Montana, there has been a surge of people trying to escape the chaos and oppression of leftist states.

Some are here because of the pandemic and the harsh restrictions they had to endure during the first lockdowns. Others are here because they can’t stand the hostility of identity politics, cancel culture, and race riots. Either way, they are fleeing places with decidedly leftist influences.

Uprooting and moving to an entirely new place is not an easy thing to do, especially in the middle of a pandemic. For many people, such an idea would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Believe me, moving to a place like the Rocky Mountain Redoubt is not an easy transition for most. Hopefully, these people understand that they will have to make extensive preparations for the rough winter and be ready to work hard in the spring and summer months to survive. Maybe they don’t realize yet how tough it is here; maybe they know and don’t care.

That’s how bad the situation has become – Rational and reasonable people are willing to leave behind their old life and risk it all to keep a margin of freedom.

In my view, it is clear that the political left has gone so far off the rails into its own cultism that there is no coming back. There can be no reconciliation between the two sides, so we must separate, or we must fight. I advocate for separation first for a number of reasons:

First and foremost, conservatives are the primary producers within American culture. If we leave the leftists to their own devices there is a chance they will simply implode in on themselves and eat each other because they have no idea how to fill the production void. The recent developments in the defunct CHAZ/CHOP autonomous zone are a perfect example. Those people don’t have the slightest clue what they are doing and it shows.

Second, if conservatives separate it provides a buffer that helps defuse future random conflicts. When you force the two sides into a box together eventually they will find a reason to try to kill each other. Putting some distance between them and us reduces the angst.

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Third, if the leftists decide they don’t like that we have separated and are thriving on our own, and they attempt to antagonize or attack us where we live, then we hold the clear moral high ground when we smash them to pieces in response.

I fully realize that the third outcome is the most likely. War is probably inevitable. Why? Because collectivists and narcissists are never satisfied. They desire unlimited control over the lives of others and they will use any means to get that control no matter how destructive. Separating from them is only a stop-gap that allows us to take a superior position. Through peaceful migration, we set the pace of the conflict. Eventually, they will come after us, and there will be no doubt about our response then. There will be no way to spin the result in their favor, no way for them to play the victims.

Some people might question if we are actually to the point of open conflict; they might accuse me of “doom-mongering”. Others may argue that conservatives are acting “passive” and that we will never take any action. These assumptions are common right now because such people do not understand how history progresses and how group psychology evolves.

Domestic war is not something pursued lightly, or haphazardly. The average person knows at least subconsciously that it’s better to seek resolution or to remain patient as events unfold. Conservatives aren’t stupid; we know that before any civil war there is first a culture war. And, we know that the cards are stacked against us and that if we act rashly in any way we will lose position in that culture war.

So, we let the leftists spit and rage like madmen for a little while. Each day people who were on the fence when it comes to the culture war are witnessing this and come over to our side because we’re the only side that is sane. The drawback is, there comes a point in which calm professionalism might be wrongly perceived as weakness. And when people sense weakness among conservatives, they might run into the arms of the extreme left thinking that it’s safer to join the “winning team”.

I believe conservatives have not been sucked into a reactionary stance yet because they are thinking logically and refusing to play the game for now. In some ways, it is how we enter the fight that is more important than the fight itself.  To understand why, we have to look at the bigger picture beyond the left/right conflict.

As I noted last week, the political left is a tool for a greater agenda. They are being used as a weapon of chaos by globalist interests. This is not “conspiracy theory”, this is a conspiracy fact. Millions of dollars have poured into Antifa and BLM related groups through elitist donors like George Soros and his Open Society Foundation as well as the Ford Foundation. Globalist institutions like these have been influencing the extreme left and promoting identity politics for DECADES. This is openly admitted. What we are witnessing in 2020 is simply the culmination of a half-century-long propaganda campaign that created the modern feminist movement, victim group status, entitlement culture, etc.

The reason for the agenda should be obvious: Chaos creates fear. Fear creates division and crisis. And, crisis creates opportunity (as globalist Rahm Emanuel once bragged). Meaning, the extreme left is going to start a war because that’s exactly what the global elites created them for.

Now, some might suggest that this places conservatives in a Catch-22 position; if we don’t fight back then we will look weak. We will be culturally isolated and eventually overrun and wiped from the history books. If we do fight back we will be giving the globalists what they want – A civil war that will tear America apart.

The suggestion by certain special interests will be that there is only one way out; use government power to turn the tide to our advantage. In other words, institute martial law. I don’t really see it that way.

Once we understand that a fight is coming regardless, our task is to position ourselves with the most advantage possible while keeping our culture and our principles intact. This includes our belief in constitutionalism, civil liberties, and opposition to tyranny in ANY form. Winning the fight is important, but maintaining our principles in the process is more important. Becoming a monster to fight the monster is the same as losing.

When the left comes for us (and they will), the fight has to be won by us, not government. We cannot hand even more power to government in the name of security. We cannot become the fascists the leftists accuse us of being.

I am often asked these days about my view of the 2020 election and how it will turn out. I did predict Trump’s election win in the summer of 2016 based on the idea that Trump’s presence in the White House would drive the left insane, as well as give the globalists a perfect “conservative” scapegoat for the economic collapse they had been engineering since at least 2008.

Trump’s cabinet of global elitists suggests his complacency in this plan.  We still live under a one-party system pretending as if it is a two-party paradigm.

Furthermore, I am not convinced there will even be an election in November. With pandemic lockdowns surely returning as infections spike once again, the US economy will be in ruins by winter. Voting in a traditional fashion will be difficult or restricted in some states. And, mail-in or digital ballots will not be accepted by most conservatives because of their history of being used to rig election outcomes.

Look at it this way: If Trump “wins”, or delays the election, the left will riot and a civil war will be triggered. Conservatives will have to deal with the violence of the left while also dealing with the potential for martial law (which we cannot tolerate or support either). If Biden “wins”, it will be perceived by many conservatives who still think elections matter as a stolen presidency engineered through fraudulent ballot practices.

To summarize, if Trump is still in the White House in 2021, get ready to fight back against leftist mobs as well as martial law measures. If you believe in freedom, realize that fake conservatives that support government tyranny will be as much a problem as Marxist lefties. If Biden enters the White House, expect him to immediately implement unconstitutional policies including medical tyranny, gun confiscation, and martial law. Either way, it ends in war.

It’s also the classic false choice narrative:  You can choose Marxism and communism, or you can choose fascism.  Communism being the elevation of the weak and the oppression of the strong in the name of arbitrary “equality”, and fascism being the elimination of the weak or less fortunate in the name of making more room for the strong.  Both sides rely on totalitarian government to assert dominance, and both sides benefit the elitist establishment.  The great con is that there is no third option when there is; the non-aggression principle, citizen defense, voluntarism, and freedom.

Frankly, I almost prefer a scenario in which Biden and the left are perceived as stealing the election. At least then conservatives will be fully united once again and ready to fight, instead of passively relying on a Pied Piper like Trump to save them.

The truth is, in 2020-2021 we stand at a massive nexus point in human history. We are spiraling into a decade and a fight that will decide the fate liberty for the next century or more. On one side stands the global elites and the useful idiots on the hard left. They will push for a collectivist system that erases all memory of the Constitutional Republic we once knew, and they will get help from fake conservatives that value power over principle. On the other side stands the people that just want to be left alone; the free minds, the people that don’t need or desire to have power over anybody.

If humanity is to have a future at all, the second group must continue to exist and prosper. They are the wellspring that feeds us, that gives us something to hope for. If the elites and the social justice mob take control, there can be no future for our species. They desire what they cannot and should not have. They value only what they can take from others. They have a hunger that can never be satiated. They will devour the world until there is nothing left while claiming they stand for the “greater good”. War cannot be avoided with such people; the only question is, will liberty-minded people stay the course and stick by their principles or will they fall to their darker impulses to ensure victory?

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  2. Robert Taylor

    You should not expect too much from members of law enforcement. The only law enforcement person elected by the people to enforce our laws is the local Sheriff. All other “Officers” are appointed and their first allegiance is to the people who appointed them. That includes all the alphabet names in the federal government except for the Secret Service whose job is to supply protection to the President and is allowed by our Constitution. That was their only job not what we see today. Brings up the vote question can an ex-felon (recall that ex means they have paid the price set forth by the court to satisfy the public) be prevented from voting? NO. But the real reason is not votes but guns…now you know they (governments) have not tried to remove any other rights. Why then did they pick these two (2) and not all? It would take a Constitutional Amendment removing the rights of all citizens and a Governors convention could do just that. The problem with the Governor choice of amendments is where do we draw the line to prevent changes that only give more power to the state?


    Your article was well written and carefully thought thru, but leaves many questions unanswered as well? Such why hasn’t our government pursued the likes of Millions of dollars have poured into Antifa and BLM related groups through elitist donors like George Soros and his Open Society Foundation as well as the Ford Foundation. Globalist institutions like these have been influencing the extreme left and promoting identity politics for DECADES as well as their elitist donors like George Soros and his Open Society Foundation as well as the Ford Foundation. There is very clear and present danger by these individuals and should be pursued under RICO laws for their conspiratorial and collaborative activities. Along with Soros extended family members such as Polacio, Gavin, Brown, Chelsea Clinton; married to Soros nephew, and finally Hearst. Collusion is wide spread. We must uphold the Law, use RICO laws, and prosecute Antifa and BLM related groups and their supporters George Soros; his Open Society Foundation, and the Ford Foundation.

    • Alan Loomis

      The left won’t pursue Soros, or anyone else. The left I’m talking about is Congress. They own it for now. Our Republicans /Conservatives are hiding. They talk a good game, but coming down to it, they don’t do squat. Unless they get air time. So where are we at in the end?

  4. Edward C Sr, Olivares

    Civil War is imminent!
    Biden will not b the DNC nominee for President. His dementi is becopming mor and more apparent daily. The superdlegates at th DNC Convention wil manuiver, the votuinsg behind closed doors, and the Democrat Nominees will be Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, or Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. They will =lose, Trump will win and get a House GOP majority and keep the Senate Majority. The left will go crazier than they already are, and open Civil War will commence, with the Left staring the battle with riots and taking over of major cities in the way that CHAZ/CHOP took over central Seattle! Suburbanites will finally be aroused to fight back. The rioters will start attacking the suburbs and the Conservative but armed suburbanites and Rural Americans will fight. Trump will have the support of the Military, and he will support the suburbanite and Rural Conservatives, because the military (not the political generals) are basically Conservatives who believe in and support our Constitution, and have signed the check for up to their lives, in defense of that Constitution.. It will be a bloody and violent war but in the end, unlike imperial Russia, we will defeat the Marxist-Globalist-Communists, and have to rebuild our Constitutional Republic from scratch!

  5. gordon kistler

    so they flee their states that they messed up and will do the same in Montana, never under estimate the power of really stupid people gathered in large numbers!

  6. Tommy Clift

    American patriots are armed and well trained. A civil war would be short live – especially if the military and national guard got involved, which it certainly would. Those who start such a war would be lunatics to ever consider it. The biggest problem as I see it is a bunch of fatherless thugs who think they are entitled to something and have no morals about getting what they want. This country is based on freedom and hard work but by no means should everything should be free. Come into my home to steal or burn and you’ll be shot dead – PERIOD!

  7. old wolf

    it won’t be much of a war . us vets will raise again to defend our country . we had the training needed to win a war . if they want a war … we will give them Anwar they will never forget . only one way to stop the delusional democrats cut off the head of this snake . starting at the top

  8. John

    I think that what you are saying is very true. These people who want to stay on the left have no idea what is goin to happen. When they finally figure it out it will be to late for them.

  9. Helma Hintz

    The Democrats are on their way ro DESTROY this great country. Their greed for POWER will not end.
    Riots on our streets, burning down cities, looting stores, BLM is a Marxist Organization, which wants to overtake our way of living, Nancy Pelosi will loose power and the AOC`s in this world wants to take over. Rep. Omar from Minnesota, is a communist and wants the Police defunded, and the fool BIDEN wants
    transform this country, just like OBAMA was trying to do,

  10. Marina Catalano

    Your words echo my thoughts damn near verbatim. Its comforting to see I’m not alone in my view of America today. I’m Cherokee, we’ve always been apart from the country and divided internally and I’ve never agreed with the politics of my clan. The conservative school of though has always been how I see things internally, agrees w/my moral compass. I only wish I’d gotten my s$#% together financially before tshtf. Im woefully unprepared in every way and its unnerving, but I’ve got the spirit of a survivor and two sons to think of so I’ll think of something I’m sure.

  11. bruce dimowski

    Spot on brother.
    Thinking about coming back myself lol
    What part of mt are you in ?
    I lived near Missoula in arlee for 2 winters.
    Recommended area to relocate in mt ?

  12. Fallingroc

    Prepare for the hard times ahead… and Be Aware of your Surroundings… Preserve & Defend the Constitution, Keep your Powder Dry, and God bless… Semper Fi

  13. Dave

    The people who deny that there is nothing to religion may be in for a rude awaking ,as my mother used to say. The Bible foretells of the “End Times” which is the time of great tribulation and upheaval. I think that it inevitable that the people will have no way of co existing with each other in the following election of 2020. In other words the sides will find it impossible to live peacefully. The Constitution is perceived a document of a group of self serving “white” people with no provision for others. I say these are communists who want to control others by any means and these people will not be stopped except by elimination.
    To me it is unclear what form this final battle will take but believing the Bible Jesus will return.

  14. R.J. Wellner

    I’m now to old and in poor health to fight. To poor to move. But at least mayby I can take a few out before they get me.

    • Denise Andros

      I understand and can empathize with you. I am pretty much in the same situation. Read bible prophecy and you will get a clearer understanding of what is really happening. Victory is in Jesus alone. I know that might sound cliche by today’s standards, but it is not. There is no fear when you know the ending. Be blessed my friend.

  15. Carolyn Powell

    You, like so many others, only have an opinion to offer. Why can you not see that President Trump has been the best President in many years and he has a love and passion for America. He is not perfect, but had he had the support the Republicans should have given him we would see some better results. The Deep State Is so surrounded with elites, selfish politicians, l.e, Pelosi, Schumer, Republicans and Democrats with fear of being caught that he is being tied down with false media to defend, along with impeachment, impeachment, impeachment for everything they don’t like. “We The People” are in the hands of an Almighty God who is judge of all and someday all of us will stand before him for what we have done for Him, and what we have done to/for others.
    America has taken him out of the country, so we are at his mercy… not man’s.
    Could there be a civil war? Yes, I believe so bc .. “ A nation that forgets God will be turned into hell” Not my quote…. but God’s, the creator of everything!

  16. Not So Free

    As with so many things, be careful what you wish for.
    You ,might just get it.
    Unfortunately, there is a better than even chance it will happen.

  17. Doyle Patee

    This way of thinking is a dooms day like thinking. YOU EIGHTER COME OVER TO OUR SIDE OR DIE IN HELL! The reason we want a fair election system is to weed out the cheaters who want to take away our freedom of choice and keep the super rich in control. I do not buy this crap that fairly elected cannidates are not capable to make decisions for the people.

  18. Ben A Goodin

    Great analysis. I have been in contact with a substantial number of my contemporaries, all of whom are highly educated professionals quite familiar with current events. Many politely disagree that our nation is soon to face increasing violence from the Marxist agents of the left that can only lead to a far worse civil war that will make our civil war of the 1860’s look like a kindergarten tea party. Despite their their disagreements, with me, they, when asked if they would risk their lives to oppose and defeat “all enemies, foreign and domestic”’ that seek to destroy our great nation and our way of life in a Constitutional Republic, they all answered, “yes”. I am hoping for the best , but preparing for the worst. God Bless .America !


    NO, AMERICA IS “NOT” HEADED FOR A CIVIL WAR? …. That Statement Is LAUGHABLE! … This is What The (HOAX) Or (TRICK) Or …. EVIL PLAN is all about? ….. TO CAUSE ANGST BETWEEN BLACK and WHITE AMERICANS? …. THEY ARE TO LATE TO THE PARTY FOLKS? …. MOST OF AMERICA IS ALREADY “MIXED” … SORRY? …. We are Either One Quarter, One-Half Or One-Eighth African American Already! OR … We have A BLACK BLOOD RELATIVE! … What are we going to do? …. Beat ourselves Up? …. NO.

  20. SORRY

    NO. NOT A CHANCE. … What are we going to beat ourselves up? Everyone is MIXED? … Everyone has a portion of African-American in their BLOOD. OR They have a Black Blood Relative. SORRY.

  21. Julie

    Wow I rarely leave comments but I just can’t believe that some of you actually believe that trump gives a damn about any of you. He never really expected to win and when he did he seized the opportunity to help the very rich and corporate America. If you believe the parade of people fired from the White House is some sign of stability well think again. And covid? Get away from lockdown. Wow ignorance is bliss you all must be filled with bliss. Wish I could shove my head deep in the sand and call it a conspiracy. Go ahead run free fly to Florida hit the beach on the way home go to Texas and have a good laugh at those nurses and doctors playing it up for the left. Yes trump did his job well split us apart and will leave us trillions in debt. Can you say authoritarian, dictator, above the law? He is not a Republican or a Democrat he is a liar thug who only cares about one thing him and his own. His loyalty is to himself. So yes good luck to you all it’s a shame a jackass like trump called the shots. I love my country but Americans are the problem now.

    • Brian

      You blame Trump, but I remember the divisive policies of Obama, citizens against the Police is one example. Not long after Obama was elected, a White Cop arrested Harvard U Professor Henry Louis Gates for disorderly conduct, Obama sided with the Professor and ridiculed the Cop. Things like this went on for the whole 8 years obama was occupying the WH. Obama earned his title “The Great Divider”.

    • Charles

      Fact: Trump was able to get the taxes of those who paid the most taxes (the very wealthy) reduced.
      In 2016 I didn’t vote for either of the two major candidates. My vote was a write-in for Ben Carson. I believe that Trump planned on winning. You have those states that always vote for a particular party. Then there are the swing states that determine who will be the president-elect. Once again the few swing states will determine the outcome of the 2020 election. Both major parties know this and they will spend much of their time, money, and resources in these states. The “deep state,” is composed of different factions. These different factions look out for their own interests and pursue their own course. Frequently the different faction’s interests overlap and they have a common purpose. A list of some (but not all) of these different factions is the military-industrial complex, pharmaceutical industry, mass media, FED, CIA. They perceive Trump as a threat and they oppose him. The deep state went after Trump with fake evidence and the Democrats voted to impeach Trump. Bill Clinton perjured himself, suborned perjury, and obstructed justice. Not one Democrat voted for his impeachment. The mass media has used the term “covid19” more than 1 billion times (not one million but one billion). Why? Any sane person knows that Trump had nothing to do with covid19. But to help keep our country safe he prevented flights from China to come to the US. This was ridiculed by the media as being xenophobic and if I am correct, the courts ruled his action as illegal and the flights from China to the US were resumed. I am not voting for either major candidate. I will probably vote for a constitutionalist. I predict that Biden will win. I predict that after a month or three that he will step down as president because of his dementia. The VP (maybe Michelle Obama) will become president.

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