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Investigation Reopened Into Death of Clinton Pal Linked to Jeffery Epstein!

The investigation into the bizarre death of a former Clinton advisor with links to Jeffery Epstein has been reopened. 

59-year-old Middleton, a longtime special adviser for Clinton while he was president, was found dead under mysterious circumstances in early May at the Heifer Ranch outside Perryville, Arkansas. His death was originally ruled a suicide. But, questions swirled about the mysterious death. As we reported on these pages, a former “business associate” said there was no way that Middleton took his own life – particularly in the manner in which the body was found – hanging from a tree by an extension cord with a shotgun wound to the chest. 

Any details that the coroner has about Middleton’s death are being silenced by his family, who has filed a lawsuit against the county. The Perry County Sheriff’s Office would only confirm that the investigation into Middleton’s death is “open and ongoing.”

“I don’t know the man, and I don’t why he picked our county or picked that location to commit suicide. To our knowledge, he had never been there before, and we have no record of him being there before,” Perry County Sheriff Scott Montgomery told the Daily Mail, while claiming that Middleton committed suicide.

“He died from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the chest. He found a tree, and he pulled a table over there, and he got on that table, and he took an extension cord and put it around a limb, put it around his neck, and he shot himself in the chest with a shotgun,” he said.

“It was very evident that the shotgun worked because there was not a lot of blood or anything on the scene. You can tell the shotgun blast was on his chest, you can tell that because there is a hole in the chest and pellets came out the back of his back. It was definitely self-inflicted, in our opinion.”

However, as we reported on these pages last month, a source told Radar Online that Middleton was found hanging from a tree by an extension cord with a close-range shotgun blast through his chest but that, in his opinion, he likely did not commit suicide. The source who would only identify himself as a former business associate of Middleton’s said, “Everyone that I know here, that has worked with Mark, knows it is physically impossible for Mark to have killed himself.” 

“He could not physically hold a shotgun and done that to himself,” the source added. “He knows nothing about guns! He hated guns; he couldn’t have tied a noose to save his life! The man couldn’t change a light bulb by himself. He was the least physically skilled person I have ever met in my life. He was very smart, great with paperwork, legalities, and all of that, but he couldn’t physically take care of himself.”

In the 1990s, Middleton served as a “conduit” between Clinton and the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, having arranged at least 7 of the 17 visits Epstein made to the White House, and flew on the Lolita Express several times himself, according to the Daily Mail.

This is a developing story.