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Human Face on Baby Shark Stuns Fisherman

A Fisherman in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Indonsia caught what appears to be a mutant baby shark with a “human face.”

Abdullah Nuren was fishing in waters near Rote Ndao in the East Nusa Tenggara province. He caught a mother shark in a fishing net by mistake. When he pulled the shark onto the boat, it was dead. But he found three more sharks in the mother. Two of them appeared normal, while the third looked like a cross between a shark and a terrifying human baby.

Nuren told the Daily Mail that people have been crowding around his house ever since reports of the strange baby shark came out. Some people want to see it first-hand, but some people actually want to buy the shark. But Nuren says he has no plans to sell the creature, as he believes it might bring him good luck. He plans on preserving the baby shark’s body.