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How You Can Survive World War 3

Photo by <a href="">Stijn Swinnen</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

The possibility of World War 3 seems to be growing higher by the day according to some sources. Naturally, this has left many wondering about what they could do to prepare for this threat. If you are one of those people then the following tips are sure to help you get through the crisis.

1. Prepare

If you want to survive, being prepared is an essential part of the process. Having food, first aid, medication, and water can be a great way of staying ready. Non-perishable foods are always the best option as they can stay good for prolonged periods. Other basic tools like batteries and flashlights can also be important in cases of a power outage.

2. Create an emergency plan

Having an emergency plan is also important. This will usually entail knowing your exit routes and having a survival pack ready to go. Having these things in place will allow you to make a swift escape to safety. If your pack is well prepared it should also be able to keep you safe for days outside of your home.

3. Avoid Target areas

Bridges, city centers, and famous buildings are all more likely to be bombed or hit by a military attack. This is why you should avoid all of those areas if you want to stay safe. If you have GPS, you can use that to find alternative routes. Having a physical map can also be helpful in cases of limited electricity. When making your emergency plan do take into account the areas you should avoid staying safe.