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How To Survive In Any Situation

Photo by <a href="">Alexander Andrews</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Sometimes survival will depend on knowing the right things to do. Often information can help you determine what your best options are in an emergency as well as help you find the best solutions to survive. The unique survival facts presented below might be able to assist you in exactly that, and who knows they might even be able to save your life.

1. Sweating in Winter is worse than being cold

No one wants to feel cold in Winter, but overdressing and sweating might actually be a worse thing than being cold. This is because as your sweat freezes in the cold your overall body temperature will also be forced to drop. This decrease in body temperature is going to happen much faster after you have sweated.

2. Dandelions are edible

Dandelion flowers are completely edible. The flower, stem, and roots can all be eaten in case of emergency. While they are unlikely to keep you full they will still provide you with a lot of useful nutrients and vitamins.

3. Electrolytes

Many people know about how important hydration is, but what many people don’t realize is the importance of Electrolytes in keeping healthy. A little bit of salt can often be the key to your body staying hydrated after you drink water. Electrolyte packs can also be a great solution for hydration.

4. Carry a whistle

A loud whistle can often be a lot louder than your screaming. This is why especially when you are in the wilderness you should have a whistle that you can blow in case of emergencies. This will make it much easier to find.