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How To Survive An Active Shooter Event

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

Mass shootings are a phenomenon occurring with increasing frequency. New York, Ohio, and Texas are only a few of the locations of violent attacks in the last year. While there is no guaranteed way of protecting yourself from a mass shooting, the frequency of these events has led to many people looking for ways to better prepare themselves for the occasion it does happen. These are a few of the things you can do to stay safe and potentially survive during such an incident.

1. Spatial awareness

Having a good idea of where you are and what is going on around you can be the key to you reacting quickly. If you notice anything threatening or out of the ordinary while in a crowded area you may want to begin moving away from there and towards safety ahead of time.

This will also mean knowing where all of the potential exit points are. Especially if you are in a closed building knowing the fastest and most efficient way of getting out can be key.

2. Learn Defensive technics

It can sometimes be useful for you to train yourself on how to reach a potentially armed person on the scene. If you are armed and trained then you might be able to quickly immobilize an active shooter, call the police faster, and in general protect yourself during this stressful situation.

3. Know what to look for

Knowing what a firearm sounds like when they go off can be the key to you reacting fast. You don’t want to confuse other loud noises with a gun, as that could lead to you becoming over paranoid and not reacting correctly.

4. Head to safety swiftly

Once you are outside of the line of fire you will want to head to safety as quickly as possible. This will be important as you never know where the active shooter might head next or how long it will take the police to immobilize them.