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How To Survive A Kidnapping

Photo by <a href="">Lacie Slezak</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Ensuring your security often depends on knowing the right actions to take when things go wrong. With the kidnapping attempts in the United States constantly increasing, these next tips could be the key to you remaining safe even when in an unsafe situation.

With kidnappings, the first thing that you usually need to know is how you can escape from bindings. Most commonly duct tape and zip ties are the tools that most kidnappers will use to limit the movements of their victims. With both of these the important part is offering your hands to the kidnapper with the insides of your wrists firmly together. With duct tape wiggling is hard, but what you might be able to do is put enough tension so as to break it. This is the same with zip ties which can easily snap so that you can escape.

In order to snap them the key is to actually push your hands down with force swinging them from above your head all the way down. Your legs might also be able to be released in a very similar way.

If you can’t escape, another important thing to remember is that on most occasions, especially if you were kidnapped for ransom, the reality is that your kidnapper will know your economic situation. Instead of lying about it, what you will want to lie about or make the kidnapper believe is that your family will be unwilling to pay any random. If the kidnapper thinks the whole situation is not worth the trouble then you might be able to get out of an extremely uncomfortable situation easily.