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How To Survive A Home Invasion

Photo by <a href="">Max Kleinen</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

While most people are more worried about house fires than they are about home invasions, the reality is that statistically, a home invasion is far more likely to take place regardless of whether or not you are in a high-crime area. The best thing to do therefore is to prepare and have a game plan ready for dealing with a home invasion.

1. Codeword

Especially if you live with others it can be important for you to decide on a code word that you can use to alert everyone to the situation at hand. While you might feel inclined to set the code word as something crazy, sometimes choosing a simple word like “escape” is the best way forward. This is because one’s brain will be far more likely to remember that they are supposed to spring into action as soon as they hear that word.

2. Have a safe room

Choose a room in your home that everyone will be able to easily reach. The safe room should also have some emergency items that you can use as well as a phone so that you can call the police. Staying within the designated safe room is usually a lot safer than going outside and trying to fight off the intruders, so where possible try to stay in it.

3. Have a “fatal funnel”

Especially if you are using a gun for home defense you will want to position yourself in an area of the safe room that is opposite the door, this will both allow you extra time to decide whether you want to shoot, as well as ensure that you are not in the light of sight of the intruder if they break the door open.