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How To Stay Warm Without Power

Photo by <a href="">Hayden Scott</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

If you are trying to keep warm during a power outage then you will naturally have to try out several different things to create some warmth where you are. The following tips are going to help you do exactly that in some unconventional ways.

1. Isolate in one room

If you and your family all live in a relatively large home, then heating it all or finding individual sources of heat can be challenging during a power outage. This is why it is much better if you can all keep to one room. This will allow the room to heat up from your body heat and will work quite well if the room is large enough for everyone to be comfortable in but also at the same time closed off.

2. Isolate the room you are in

If you are trying to heat isolate a specific room you will have to add things to block the air from coming in the crevices. Something to block the air coming in from under the door, or that can cover your windows will help keep some of the chilliness outside.

3. Dress up

You can always wear warmer clothes to feel better. If you have sky clothes or winter clothes you can wear those in your home. This will help keep you warm even though your home itself is dropping in temperature.

4. Candles or Fireplace

If you have many candles or a fireplace now is the time to light it up. By lighting it up you will be able to have the fire provide you with some heat. Before using your chimney you should also try to get it cleaned. This will help the heat travel through your home more efficiently.