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How To Quickly Relieve Stress

Photo by <a href="">Christian Erfurt</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Stress is something that most people deal with in their everyday life. Whether stress is something you feel because of work, your social structure, or your family life, it is definitely something that can affect your life and how positively you feel. In order to keep your stress at a manageable level the best thing you can do is try the following habits.

1. Use your breath

Being aware of your breath and knowing how to slow down your breathing when necessary can be an important part of helping your body relax. It is also important to note that when it comes to breathing it is not only about how slow your breath is but also, more importantly, about how deeply you can breathe. This is why one needs to learn how to let their breath travel all the way to the bottom of their stomach instead of exclusively breathing into their chest. This can help with calming down their nervous system and reducing stress.

2. Muscle relaxation

Muscles can hold a lot of our stress as they tense up. This is why knowing how to relax your muscles can help reduce not only anxiety and stress but also headaches and can lead to a better night’s sleep. A great way of relaxing your muscles is by focusing on one muscle at a time. For example, you can slowly start moving and releasing the tension from your toes and fingers before moving on to your next and the rest of your body. This gradual relaxation can help you decompress and destress.

3. Journal

Writing down your emotions without focusing on how things will be perceived by others can be an incredibly therapeutic method of getting things out of your mind and onto paper. This can help you feel calmer and as if there is more order in your life.