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How To Protect Outdoor Injuries

Photo by <a href="">Scott Goodwill</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Being outdoors will undoubtedly mean that you will occasionally have to deal with some injuries. These injuries are not something to worry about so long as you know how to treat them.

1. Deep Cuts

A deep cut can be one of the most common injuries and in most cases one of the easiest to treat. The first thing to do is use a towel or a clean piece of cloth to apply intense pressure on the wound. After some time this should stop the bleeding. If that is not stopping the bleeding then around two inches above the cut you should make a tourniquet.

Once the bleeding has eased remove your hands, and then clear the wound using sterilized material. Disinfectants can also be useful in this case. Once the area is dry make sure to bind it with a sterile gauze or bandage.

2. Sprained Ankle

Spraining your ankle while outdoors might sound cliché, but it is also quite common. This in part is because of the uneven terrain which you often have to trek while carrying a heavy backpack or other items. To treat a sprained ankle the first thing to do is rest. Oftentimes this alone will be enough. You should also use ice if available so as to reduce the swelling. You can also keep an instant cold pack in your first aid kit for such occasions.

Keeping your ankle elevated can also help you increase your blood flow and even reduce swelling. Finally, make sure to add something to keep it stable. This is because spraining it a second time could lead to you breaking it.