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How To Properly Make A Campfire

Photo by <a href="">Courtnie Tosana</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

The season for a nice campfire is here, as the nighttime tends to be quite cool when out in nature. A good campfire can be the key not only to keeping warm but also to cooking while camping and even deterring predators. If you want to build the perfect campfire then all you will need to do is follow the simple steps outlined below. Before you begin building campfires make sure that you have looked at the guidelines set in your area for campfires. These could include having water and sand on hand so that you can quickly put out a blaze.

1. Clear up your space

Before you start building a campfire you will need to clean up your area. Creating an area where there is no flammable debris can be the key to keeping it safe. If you are outdoors make sure to get rid of any pine needles, leaves, or pine cones in your area as these can lead to your fire going out of control. Also, choose a spot where there are no overhanging branches that could catch fire.

2. Find the right wood

Collecting dry firewood can be the most important part of building your fire. Wood that has a lot of moisture and water can be harder to light up and could lead to sparks flying all over. This is why it should be avoided. When collecting your firewood make sure to collect some really small pieces as thick as your pinky, some middle-size pieces, as thick as your thumb, and some larger wood that you can burn.

3. Start your fire

To make things easier you can use a Firestarter to get your fire going. Lighters and matches are much easier to use, especially when compared to having to start a fire completely on your own.