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How To Prevent Recurring Nightmares

Photo by <a href="">Pelly Benassi</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Nightmares can be extremely disruptive to your sleep pattern, but the good thing is that usually, they are a singular thing. It is not common for you to have a recurring nightmare, but if you do end up in a position where a certain bad dream keeps coming back to you, then you may want to consider what actions you can take in order to get rid of this nightmare.

In order to handle recurring nightmares, you might find yourself in need of therapy. In most cases, therapy can help you alter the ending of your nightmare which can be useful if you want to gain back control of it. Professional guidance can be key in this process.

When it comes to this type of therapy there are four key steps that you will need to follow.

1. When you wake up from the nightmare immediately write down some quick notes in a notebook of what took place and then go back to sleep.

2. Using the bullet point notes you made write out your nightmare like a story, but with a happier ending. By changing the ending, you will gain back control over your dream.

3. Before falling asleep the next day read out your revised story, telling yourself that should you see the same dream again it will have your revised ending.

4. If you have the same dream, write down whether the process was successful or not. If not you might need to repeat the process until you are successful.