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How To Prevent Kitchen Disasters

Photo by <a href="">Jason Briscoe</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

The holiday season is filled with laughter, joy and extreme kitchen messes. If you want to avoid having a disaster play out in your kitchen this season then you might want to practice the following safety tips to keep everything in the best possible condition.

1. Have a fire extinguisher on hand

Did you start baking cookies and then forget about them? Did your air fryer catch on fire? Or maybe you just had a candle placed in the wrong spot. Regardless of the reason, a fire extinguisher could help extinguish a small flame in seconds and thus could save both you and your house from a lot of trouble.

2. Sheet pans

Regardless of what you are making in the oven, you may want to try adding a sheet pan underneath it. The sheet pan will stop any liquids or other parts of your baked goods from dropping down your oven and burning there. This could help ensure that you have no burnt food smells in your kitchen.

3. Clean up the small messes

While you might feel inclined to see a small mess and say you will clean that later that is the wrong thing to do. Instead, clean up the small spills and messes as they happen. This will greatly reduce how much time you will spend cleaning up later.