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How To Prevent Car Sickness

Photo by <a href="">Neal E. Johnson</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

There is no worse feeling than motion sickness while you are in a car for a road trip. With the holidays coming up undoubtedly many people are preparing for long drives to visit families. If you or your kids are prone to car sickness then these next few tips are the perfect way to get you through that much-dreaded car ride.

1. Fresh air

If you are starting to feel nauseous then getting some cold fresh air could be the key. Try to crack the windows open and let the air fall on your face. This should help you calm down and feel more comfortable. If your body temperature has been rising it will also help bring it down, which should calm you further.

2. Don’t focus on it

If you focus too much on feeling nauseous then chances are you are going to feel even more nauseous in no time. Therefore, this is one of those cases where you should try to focus on something else. Playing games, and listening to music can all be helpful. Avoid any games or distractions that require you to lean down your head or that need your eyes to be heavily focused on one thing.

3. Prepare for being sick

Sometimes, there is nothing you can do but puke when you are feeling sick. It is on those occasions that it can be even more important for you to be prepared by having a bag or container that you can puke into. Once it’s out of your system you are guaranteed to feel better.