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How To Pop Your Ears Without Causing Damage

Photo by <a href="">Mark Paton</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

There is probably nothing more annoying than feeling the pressure build up in your ears. This is something that people might commonly experience as they are traveling by plane, hiking, or even diving. Knowing how to safely pop your ears and release that ear pressure can really be important as it will help you feel better without damaging your ears.

When it comes to popping your ears the number one thing that you need to remember at the moment is that you should never try to relieve the pressure by placing your finger, a cotton swab, or anything else in your ear. Instead, try the following techniques.

1. Swallowing

Aggressively and intentionally swallowing can make your ears pop. This is why chewing gum or eating a piece of candy is so frequent on a plane ride because it allows your Eustachian tubes to be open and for the pressure to be relieved.

2. Yawning

While yawning on demand is not always possible, if you do manage it you will quickly realize that your ears will usually pop after you yawn.

3. Close your mouth and nose

There are two different ways in which you can employ this technique. The most common one is closing your nose and mouth and then exhaling forcefully. As the air doesn’t have an escape it will usually lead to your ears popping.

The second option is to try the same technique but instead exhaling forcefully to swallow. This could also cause your ears to pop without you feeling any negative side effects.