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How To Make Your Own Self Defense Weapons

Photo by <a href="">Lacie Slezak</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

For proper protection in the real world, it is important to consider your self-defense strategies. Having the proper tools and training can be important whether you are carrying a firearm or not. This is because for proper protection you will need to be able to use the tools that you are carrying on you to defend yourself in any situation.

If you are however in a position where a real weapon is not on hand then the best thing to try is to create an Improvised Weapon. This will give you more options for defending yourself.

1. Kama Farming Tool

Farming tools were often used in martial arts as improvised weapons throughout history. Common tools used for everyday farming activities can allow you to have sharp weapons that you can use to defend yourself easily. From using the edge of knives to hitting someone with a shovel there are many available options for defense.

2. Firearms

If you are going to be in an area that allows it, then a firearm can be a great tool for self-defense if you know how to use it. During an emergency, it can allow you to disarm or stop an attacker from actually reaching you. You should always take self-defense courses before carrying a firearm with you everywhere, as not having the right knowledge could leave you more vulnerable than safe.

3. Everyday items

Many everyday items including pens, flashlights, and other work tools can be used for self-defense. While these might not always be able to fend off an attack completely, they could give you an edge that will allow you to escape.