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How To Make An Altoids Survival Kit

User Bindingtheory on en.wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Survival kits can often contain within them everything you might need to deal with an emergency. However, often first aid and survival kits can be quite large. As a result, you will actively need to choose to bring them with you wherever you go. Miniature survival kits made within Altoids boxes are one of the best ways of having a survival kit that doesn’t take up too much space.

1. Compass

There are many miniature compasses that you can add to your survival kit. These are small and they can provide you with a sense of direction when you get lost.

2. Light

A headlight or small flashlight with extra batteries can provide you with a little illumination at night. These types of lights aren’t always very bright but they are better than nothing.

3. First Aid

A couple of band-aids and maybe a few small disinfectants and bug-repellant wipes can be the perfect thing for when you are out and you get an injury. You can also pack a couple of pills for allergies and pain in your altoid box.

4. Repair kit

A small pocketknife, and some sewing supplies like floss and needles, as well as a little bit of duct tape, can provide the perfect solution for fixing up small patches. Whether you are fixing holes in your clothes or packing, these can be extremely useful.

5. Space blanket

Space blankets can help keep you warm, or provide you with a place to lie down in. This can be great if you need to take shelter and are in unfamiliar terrain.

6. Water tablets

Water tablets can purify your water so that you can drink it. As you won’t be able to take entire water bottles in your altoid box, this is the next best thing. Adding a Ziploc bag or beverage bag can also allow you to have a place to hold the water you are gathering.

7. Fire

Being able to generate fire can allow you to cook things and keep yourself warm. This is why you should include in your altoid tin a piece of sandpaper and some matches. These will help you build a fire in no time.