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How To Know If Someone Is Lying

Photo by <a href="">Pawel Czerwinski</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Many people use lying and other manipulation tactics to get others to do what they want. If you want to protect yourself from these types of communications then you will need to learn how to determine whether someone is lying to you. Karen Donaldson, a communication and body-language expert has provided a concrete method to make determining this easier.

In an interview with Entrepreneur, Donaldson referred to the “triangle” method as the best way to determine whether someone is lying to you or not. To utilize this method, you will need to notice the three following things.

1. Their speech pace

When you are talking with someone you should notice the pace that they speak. If they are not talking at their usual pace or have random pauses throughout their speech followed by extremely fast speaking, then chances are they are thinking of a lie and spewing it out to convince you of their ideas.

2. Head movements and expressions

When people are lying, they are far more likely to make excessive head movements or to have facial expressions that don’t fit the expressions they usually make. Shaking or nodding once heard is one of the most common head movements. Similarly, stress around the lips and jaw areas can also be indicators of lying.

3. Body language

Lying usually causes people stress. As a result, they tend to reflect this stress in their body language. This could lead to several different movements that they don’t usually make. Flipping their hair, scratching or rubbing their next, and even shaking their legs or moving their hands excessively can also stress.