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How to Keep Weeds Out of Your Garden

Weeds can absorb essential vitamins and nutrients from the soil that would otherwise go to vegetables and fruits that you have planted in your garden. Contrary to popular belief, weeds can be manageable with the right approach! To get a weed-free garden, use these three secrets:


Weed Smarter

Ignore the areas of your garden where you walk where no food is produced. Many people spend too much time weeding this area which is actually a waste. Instead, focus on removing the weeds only from the areas where you have plants, and cover the remaining part of the garden with mulch or shredded leaves. Covering this area with about 4-5 inches of one of these items will prevent weeds from growing, but be sure to replace the mulch or leaves after they break down over time.


Cover Bare Soil

This goes along with the first secret, although it is so important that it’s worth mentioning twice! Always keep bare soil covered to avoid weed growth in your garden. Leaving soil bare means that weed seeds can easily find their way into the soil to grow and disrupt your plants. Use a natural mulch, such as compost, straw or dead grass that will immediately begin to eliminate weeds. Using one of these mulch choices also helps preserve the moisture in the ground.


Do It Everyday

It only takes a few days for weeds to sprout through the ground and begin to destroy your garden. Take a few minutes out of every day to hit the garden and pull up weeds. If you let a few days go by, you’ll step into your garden and see that weeds have sprung up and taken over. Working on it a little bit everyday will prevent you from having to spend hours pulling weeds from the entire garden, since you’re maintaining it over time.