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How To Get The Best Plane Seat For A Toddler

Photo by <a href="">Alexander Schimmeck</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

A new viral clip on TikTok shows a mom sharing “free” travel hacks for those who are flying with their toddlers. The clip was created by TikTok user @gabrielleandfamily, who took a long-haul flight from Los Angeles to London. In the clip, she shares how bassinets are available for children under the age of two. The video has since been viewed 2.6 million times and has garnered 131,000 likes.

The mom in the video Gabrielle Rashbaum, 33, lives in Santa Monica, California, and shared how on the red-eye flight they were taking there were bassinets available. She continued to note that as soon as her 17-month-old was put in the bassinet he fell asleep and did not wake up until the time when the bassinet needed to be returned to the crew.

Rashbaum said that she found out about the bassinet availability through her mom Susan Faessler, who is a Delta Airlines flight attendant.

The woman noted that her parents had taken her and her sisters with them on all of their travels, which is what helped her grow her love for seeing new cultures and places. She said that this is something she hopes to encourage in her kids. She added that her mother has given her many travel tips, which she has frequently shared with others in an effort to make traveling with babies and toddlers more accessible and enjoyable.



LA✈️London: our favorite toddler travel hack is taking red eye flights! pro tip: on international flights bassinets are available free of charge🙌🏼 see details below: 1) reserve the bulkhead seats when booking 2) follow up with the airline to confirm bassinet hooks are available in selected row 3) at the airport, request the bassinet with the gate agent (bassinets aren’t guaranteed but we didn’t have any issues, apparently there are 2 on every international flt) **weight limit is 25 lbs #toddlertravelhacks #babytravelhacks #travelfamily #delta

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