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How To Get Snow Off Your Roof

Photo by <a href="">Fabian Mardi</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

With many areas already being snowed in you might be considering your options for shoveling snow off of your roof. This can be an important job for you to complete as the weight of the snow could cause problems with your roof. At the same time, it could be a dangerous process if you don’t know how to safely shovel snow off your roof. This list of tips will help you safely complete the task of making sure your roof and you are safe.

1. Plan ahead

If you know that you might need to shovel your room, then you can first start by adding de-icing cables to the edges of your roof and gutters. This could prevent ice dams and could even help limit the amount of snow that sticks to your roof. A heated roof system could also be a great option if you want to be able to press a single button to have all the snow from your roof melted.

2. Having a snow rake

If you have a pitched roof then climbing on top of it in order to shovel the snow is not a good idea. A snow rake is an extendable tool that you could use to scrape the edges of the snow without having to climb on top of your roof. When using a rake you will want to be careful not to damage your roof by scraping it.

3. Don’t do it alone

If you really want to go up to your roof, then the best idea is to have company when you go up on the roof. A second person can help you if you lose your footing. Using a roof safety harness is another good option for staying safe while shoveling.