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How To Find Air Leaks In Your Home

Photo by <a href="">Chris Anderson</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

With temperatures lowering rapidly in the past few days one of the easiest ways of insulating your home is by finding any leaks in the cracks and crevices. Doing so might not appear easy at first, but it becomes substantially easier once you know what tools to use.

In the case of finding leads, one of the simplest tools you can use is a candle. A candle can be a straightforward and simple way of locating air flows and leaks without much trouble. To use this method here is everything you will need to do.

1. Pick an appropriate candle

Opt for a long and thin candle that has its flame exposed. Candles in glass jars are not as affected by the air around them which means that the flame will not be as visibly affected for you to locate the leak. Some have also suggested the use of an incense stick which would work if you follow the direction of the smoke.

2. Stop any air sources

If you have an HVAC system, fan, or air-conditioning that is constantly running then you might not be able to locate the leaks because of all the different currents blowing through your candle. Therefore, try to eliminate all other sources that blow air onto your candle before you continue.

3. Walk through your home

Once you have your candle start walking through your home near all the walls and windows. As you move the candle around the room you should be able to see if any air leaks are causing the flame to change position. This will be your indication that you need to patch up the leak you have located.