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How to create an emergency preparedness kit

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – September is Disaster Preparedness Month nationwide. From wildfires to earthquakes, our state is no stranger to unexpected dangers.

The initiative’s mission is to encourage the public to be prepared in case of any potential disaster.

When devastation hits or evacuation is called, there won’t always be time to grab everything you need. So, it’s important to have the essentials until relief arrives.

“I have witnessed individuals who are not prepared and sometimes it could be devastating,” said Cindy Huge, Kern Red Cross’ public information officer.

“The bigger the incident, the longer you’re going to be on your own. So you’re going to have to have that plan. You’re going to have to get a kit. You’re going to have to stay informed,” said Kern County Fire Chief Brian Marshall.

Preparing a disaster kit takes just a few simple items: hard shoes, flashlights, and most importantly, water and emergency food, like power bars. Make sure you have those in your car and in your home.

KCFD and Red Cross also urge you to take pictures of important documents, including your birth certificate and passport–as well as your life, health, and car insurance plans–in case your property is damaged.

In September, KGET is teaming up with local organizations to host web chats every week on our Facebook page.

On Saturday, September 15th, KCFD will host a free community education event with CSU Bakersfield. You can visit for more information.