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How To Avoid Shark Attacks

Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

Kayleigh Nicole Grant, a marine biologist and professional shark diver based in Hawaii is the co-founder, captain, and lead safety diver of Kaimana Ocean Safari. Grant is hoping that her company will help others learn how to feel safe around sharks and that with her programs she will educate others on how to make the waters safer for these creatures.

Recently her story went viral on Reddit as a video of her colleague Andriana swimming with a tiger shark left people gaping.

The footage posted demonstrated why splashing and swimming away from sharks can cause harm. As Grant says this is because these two actions are essentially what prey does when it is around predators like sharks. Instead, it is much safer to also act like a predator in this situation.

Adriana who came face to face with a massive tiger shark chose to face it instead of trying to flee or swim away.
Grant says that not splashing and maintaining eye contact is hey. With tiger sharks especially it is even possible to place one of your hands on top of their head and push them down, looking to direct them away from you.
Adriana used exactly those instructions to redirect the tiger shark in a completely new direction.

Grant said in an interview with the Sun that learning to coexist with these creatures is key. She has also noted that in her years of experience she has never been in a situation where she felt like an attack was about to happen, or where she had a close call.