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How this Woman Survived a 5,000 Ft Fall After Parachute Fails to Open


A 30-year-old woman is currently recovering after she fell more than 5,000 feet from a plane. The woman, who remains anonymous, was skydiving near Trois-Rivières, Quebec when both her main and backup parachutes failed to open.

The woman fell into a wooded area. She was taken to the hospital with several fractures, including a broken vertebrae. Doctors expect a full recovery. Denis Demers was a witness to the incident. She said the woman was falling much faster than the other divers.

According to authorities, the woman has experience skydiving. However, an investigation is underway to determine whether criminal negligence was involved. She was participating in a jump at the skydiving facility Parachutisme Adrenaline.

Nancy Koreen, director of sports promotion for the US Parachute Association, to say that a parachute did not open is “pretty vague an often not correct. The parachute must always be opened at the proper altitude or it won’t have enough time to fully deploy. But, there is still a slight chance that the main parachute might malfunction and the skydiver must rely on the backup chute.”

According to the United States Parachute Association, skydiving injuries are very rare. In 2018, there was approximately 1 injury for every 1,536 skydivers. That is 0.07 percent of all jumps. In 2018, the USPA recorded 12 deadly skydiving incidents in the U.S. out of about 33 million jumps. That is the lowest number in the history of the sport.