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How One Man Survived A Bear Attack

Photo by <a href="">mana5280</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>

Occasionally stories will come out about people attacked by bears. When that happens most people will usually scroll by and think to themselves, this will never happen to me. However, that is not always the case as you might actually find yourself having to deal with one of these large animals while you are moving through your own city.

This was the case for Renee Levow, who lives on the outskirts of Frederick Country, Maryland. As she was on the road in September 2020, she encountered a bear. The encounter left the woman bitten twice on the leg, and the side of her face and head. These were the tricks that allowed her to escape alive.

1. Playing dead

Instead of fighting back the bear, Levow decided to play dead. So she protected her head with her arms and rolled on her stomach. Once she was on the ground, the bear sniffed her. For 10 minutes she remained on the ground before eventually reaching for her phone to call 911. One a few minutes later the chief of the local fire department was by her side.

2. Emergency services

Having not been for the emergency services coming to her aid, it would have been hard for Levow to survive because of her injuries. Once the ambulance came she was taken to the hospital and then transported to a bigger hospital by helicopter in order to be treated. This was what allowed her to survive the trauma, as she had a team of doctors take care of her wounds and injuries.