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How Much Would You Spend to Clone Your Beloved Pet?

How much would you pay to have an exact clone of your dog? How about $50,000?

For that “small sum,” a company called ViaGen Pets will clone your dog. They also duplicate horses and cats, with cats going for a “meowsly” $35,000.

Melanin Rodriguez of ViaGen Pets, a service that clones cats, dogs, and horses, said there is still only a small number of people willing to clone their pets.

“Cloning is very expensive,” Rodriguez said. “So it’s not something that everyone is doing.”

She said one of their more popular services is preserving the pet’s DNA for potential cloning down the road.

“That’s as little as $1,600,” Rodriguez said. “So that gives you the option to clone them one day if you want to, but you don’t have to.”

Pet cloning is something that Sam Carol, who runs the immensely popular Instagram page “Tinkerbelle the Dog,” said she might consider. Tinkerbelle has half a million followers. She’s heard of ViaGen and has thought about cloning her Tinkerbelle but isn’t positive yet.

“I don’t know at this point,” Carol said Thursday on “Banfield.”  “I’m happy that I have this wonderful partnership and the opportunity for Tinkerbelle’s DNA to be preserved. As far as moving forward … I don’t know. But I also want everyone to know that as of now, she is not cloned.”

Carol says; however she has opted for the preservation of Tinkerbelle’s DNA, “just in case.”

ViaGen’s Rodriguez said they’re cloning more and more animals every year.

The idea of cloning animals goes well beyond bringing back beloved house pets, it can also help preserve species at the brink of extinction.

Last February, scientists cloned the first U.S. endangered species, a black-footed ferret duplicated from the genes of an animal that died more than 30 years ago.

The Wooly Mammoth Revival Project is attempting to use similar techniques to bring back an extinct species. According to the researchers, “The ultimate goal of the Woolly Mammoth Revival is to bring back this extinct species so that healthy herds may one day re-populate vast tracts of tundra and boreal forest in Eurasia and North America.”

Umm… didn’t any of these guys see Jurassic Park?