How Can Republicans Beat the Voter Fraud Margin?

Every Republican running for public office in areas run by Democrat political machines knows that he has to beat the voter fraud margin.

The voter fraud margin is the amount of votes that Democrats add or can add to the total to rig the election.

One of the unprecedented things about this election, in the year from hell, is that the amount of mail-in ballots, of ballot harvesting, made the voter fraud margin so much bigger. Democrats had set the ground by seizing control of key states and key positions in them in preparation for the election. And even where they didn’t, their machines got busy.

This was always going to happen. It happens every election, but the scale of it is different. As are the stakes.

I don’t have to state the obvious about all the Biden votes that “magically” showed up, about why vote counting was suddenly suspended, or why totals suddenly stopped being updated for no apparent reason.

These are symptoms of voter fraud. It’s a “Hacks at Work” sign being hung up outside the door.

America has one of the most unreliable voting systems in the world because everyone, especially Democrats, wants it that way.

The two questions in every presidential election are whether the race will be close enough that the voter fraud margin will kick in and can it be exposed. This is where the post-election street fight comes into the picture.

If the voter fraud margin is high enough, then it becomes all but hopeless. And this was a race designed for a high voter fraud margin.

As I discussed in my article, Americans Won, Pollsters Lost, the margin needed low turnout. The more people went to the polls, the harder it was to sustain the scam.  That’s why Democrats wanted minimal in-person voting and Republicans wanted maximum in-person voting. It’s much harder to steal an election if people show up.

The post-election street fight is a test of how big the voter margin fraud can get, how many more votes can be discovered than there are people, and how many ballots can magically show up overnight.

And even if the street fight is lost, it’s worth fighting because it exposes the lie behind the legitimacy of the powers trying to take over the White House.

They couldn’t steal the election in the daylight, so they had to do it in the dead of night. They couldn’t steal it in empty halls, so they had to do it after everyone went home. And the more their lie is challenged, the weaker their power becomes, and the more they have to resort to blatant thuggery to wield it.

That’s what happened on Election Day.

The polite voter fraud margin failed and they had to steal the election crudely. Now the real test between lies and truth begins.

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  1. Cliff

    The voter fraud was so painfully OBVIOUS , a BLIND PERSON could “see” what was happening, and because it favored DEMOCOMMUNISTS (AGAIN) it was totally ignored by the..” in the tank for the communists lame stream media outlets” so they could continue to push their false “narrative:”, and let the communists openly steal the election from the American people. ALL in the name of the complete POWER and CONTROL they LUST for.

    • Estell Newton

      God will have the last say. If Biden really is declared the winner expect all hell to break out. We will be in a civil war and WWIII at the same time.The democrats colluded with Russia and China and neither of them recognize the democrats claims of victory.

  2. Mary H Price


    • Colleen Lord

      The democrats and big tech paid for the riots that destroyed a lot of lives,
      Committed fraud to take the election because their radical agenda would have never been accepted by intelligent voters of either party… a year from now our economy will be ruined, America will be unrecognizable and the recession of 2008 will look like a cakewalk.

    • Donna Hawkins

      Trump should be honest and grow up and show he can be a good loser he’s embarrassing ad the president he’ll be known as the 45 the president was a big joke

      • Patricia Janssen

        Donna Hawkins, you are an embarrassment as an American citizen! President Trump obviously loves our country and is trying to prevent more voter fraud in the future. Voter fraud is something you expect Russia to do, not the USA and we are fortunate to have a President that stands up against fraud…it has nothing to so with being a poor loser. You need to grow up!

      • brian deane

        I just read your comment and cannot believe your mind. Do you want honest elections or not? Fraud is fraud and must be dealt with WHOEVER it favours. Surely as a democrat you want to know the truth? Let the investigation begin and deal with it. Stop your persistent belittling of a president you don’t like as if its ok to be like that about anybody? So ignorant (from a neutral Brit).

      • Estell Newton

        He is sticking up for Americans. Even Russia and China whom Joe colluded with do not accept his “victory”. And talk about growing up, you democrats need to stop crying over Hillary losing.

      • Tom

        Afraid He doesn’t know how to be honest an surely doesn’t know that the word, empathy, exists, let alone what it means. You ae definitely right about him being an embarrassment to our country and can’t understand why so many people have been duped by him.

        • cho

          I agree the Demoncrats has no ounce of honesty, empathy, and is full of LIES DECEPTION. TYpical of SAtan. This is the downfall of America. The whole world will see through it and will stop patronizing America. Trump cared for the people and does not care about what people think of him. He is sincere and true to himself. What you see is what you get. NO other President will fight for America the way he did. POTS is not elected by the people. He is elected by The BIG TECH/BIG BROTHERS who manipulate the entire system in their favor. The control FBI, CIA, WHO, CDC and they initaite the biological terror of COVID 19 to the whole world just to manipulate the election.

  3. Gary Applegate

    IS There an honest politician? Look how many “extremely poor ” politicians retire from office and or become millionaires Beyond logic.
    We need an un biased group to rebuild voter counting, and a permeant fix to vote harvesters; all aspects of voter fraud.

  4. Cheryl Lund

    Why hasn’t this been stopped years ago ? I would make the states that have suspicious numbers coming in ReVote at a polling place with high security ministers watching, especially cameras. The way we vote now is ridiculous and makes it very easy to scam. I feel like I’m taking my SAT again. Go back to the levers, weren’t many mistakes then at least not like now . Absolutely disgraceful.

  5. JoeyP

    Make EXAMPLES out of those who are guilty of VOTER FRAUD by sending them to FEDERAL PRISON for a LOOONG time – and give a PUBLIC notice of them. One Wary And DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • formermarine

      We have such a prison here in Louisiana that is surrounded by marshes and bayous with gators and snakes . But I and many others do not want their stink here and their bowel movements to spoil the marshes and bayous with their stink. But if they have to be sent here for sentencing We will accept the responsibility .

  6. George Browning

    Who said”crime doesn’t pay”? In almost every Democrat controlled State, fraudulent votes in huge numbers affected the outcome. Trump lost to criminal conduct.
    Now we will not see prosecution of Hilary, Hunter, Biden family. And all other cases ongoing. Biggest heist ever.

  7. Dimento Dimetrio

    The scam began in 2008 and nothing was done to bring criminals to justice. If good people do nothing
    the cancer will grow. Its too late for prevention. It will take a surgical strike and bloody it wii be. Trump is the rightful 2020 victor despite his flaws and America and the constitutional republic are at stake. Communism has landed, now send them all to hell.

  8. John Crockford

    The voting process users numbered ballot and each ballot is accounted for at the beginning and end of the election process. The numbers have to balance out and why there is a certication require before a state can validate the vote. The days of fixing election is no longer possible compared to past elections. What is stated in this posting is not accurate and continues to spread mid information.

    • Colleen

      The only way to have honest elections is vote in person and voter ID- disabled would be able to mail a ballot and have their identity verified.

  9. Rhiannon

    This statement is not evidence-based and it is damaging and negligent to make such unsupported allegations. It’s a matter of conspiracy theorists trying to undermine America’s democracy by casting doubt over It’s very fastidious and diligent vote tallying. Of course during a pandemic more votes needed to be cast by mail. A two-year old can understand that reasoning, but not a resentful Republican.

    • Kimberly

      No, it was not at all necessary to vote by mail. ALL of us are going to stores, at a minimum, to buy food. Many of us have taken zero time off during this “scamdemic.” Last week I voted in person along with many, many other people.There was indeed a conspiracy to steal this election and it started with the China virus. Biden didn’t need to go out and campaign; didn’t need to talk about his platform; all he had to do was keep talking about the virus, keep people afraid to leave their homes. The election was in the bag for him – bought and paid for. Biden, if installed as president, will be illegitimate.

  10. Robert Taylor

    Every one of us knows that the problem is fraud. But none of us have been given a solution to the problem. Without a solution the Democratic party does not even concern itself with trying to hide it. The citizens for Trump have now realized that our President has no supporters in power positions to raise enough questions and get the states to generate a voting solution that removes the fraud. Hell, Pelosi told us what would happen and it did with none of the problems they should have had. I think the Senate was allowed to retain its majority so they would not interfere with the rest. In two years or so the Senate will become Democrat such that the government will remain democrat forever or until the one world government wants to assume their role in their scheme.

  11. Peter Rucci

    This is quite obvious to any intelligent person. They tried every way to get trump out from day one and they failed. Don’t give up the fight. We care. And even if we do I say start the impeachment process on Biden for crimes against the American people.

  12. Arthur Jurczak

    If we got rid of the vote machines, and went back to all paper ballots and hand counting, we would have been finished by now.

  13. John DeBerry

    I also believe that Obama, with the help of Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and a few others, commandeered a TOP SECRET Special Access Program supercomputer system called THE HAMMER, and the software App SCORECARD from the CIA and privatized it for their own use to gather intelligence on their political opponents to gain leverage for blackmail purposes, and to flip votes during elections in their favor. This system was designed and successfully used against Foreign adversaries where we wanted to effect a regime change. I believe the DNC and former Obama administration operatives used this system to steal the election on 3 Nov.

  14. Angie

    Why didn’t any Reps cry fraud when Trump and his buddies rigged the 2016 election so everyone needs to calm down and accept. Things were not going well what so ever these last few years time for change and a better life in America

  15. Jerry

    Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Michigan have declared voter fraud. Texas is also now investigating voter fraud and persuing possible criminal charges. Those states alone could turn Biden’s win into a huge loss. The people will have to wait and see what transpires.

  16. Mary

    If CHINA JOE Biden is named POTUS, we ALL better learn how to speak chinese!! Get ready for Communist Rule! When we are FORCED to stand in lines with TOKENS to get food, water + any other necessities needed to SURVIVE + have a hand picked COMMI PANEL of medical experts deciding whether we live or die + have NO LAW ENFORCEMENT or ARMS to PROTECT US + when the BORDERS are WIDE OPEN + the LAND OF THE FREE + HOME OF THE BRAVE looks like a 3rd WORLD COUNTRY….Thank the LOSERS/COMMIES that VOTED FOR CHINA JOE (MUMMIE) BIDEN!! SHAMEFUL + DISGUSTING PEOPLE!! PRAY for ALL THE BABIES that will be MURDERED!!!!!!

  17. Jerry Lynn

    It is obvious as to the difference in character of Trump supporters and Biden supporters. When Hillary lost 4 years ago, there were protests, riots, looting, and crying. The Trump supporters are real Americans. We don’t riot and loot and destroy the property of our neighbors.

    The socialists/ communist party that is disguised as Democrats, did all they could to try to ruin the United States. The lies and attempts to remove Trump from office failed so they resorted to stuffing the ballot box.
    1. They stopped counting ballots when It appeared Trump was going to win key battleground states so they could miraculously find enough bogus ballots to put Biden over the top.
    2. If a mail in ballots came in for Trump, they destroyed them and replaced them with Biden ballots. How do we know this? Because it is statistically impossible to get a batch of mail in ballots with not a single Trump vote and it happened all over the country.
    3. Explain how Trump lost in districts where Republican Candidates for Congress won.
    4. In key areas, more ballots were counted than there were registered voters.

    America is the laughingstock of the world today and our enemies now feel safe and secure because the party in control of the United States hates America as much as they do.

  18. Cozyoma

    Trump has predicted everything that has transpired this past week for months.
    Now we must PRAY TO GOD, these Demoncrats get caught once and for all !!!!!
    How people can believe that this was a legitimate win for the Demoncrats is just proof of how the Fake News has become the major influencer in our quest to Keep America Great Again.
    Just the simple FACT that Mr. Trump has NEVER been treated like our President by the LEFT and the FAKE NEWS MEDIA says it all!!!!

  19. DJ

    I am outraged that these democratic evils are taking our VOTERS RIGHTS AWAY. That is also against our we the people constitution. As we all can see the democrats don’t give a HUT about any humans after all we have been all pronounced dead shortly after our birth so we can all be manipulated and they own our body, our children and everything you have even your car. We are being used, in-slaved and sooooooooo much more. Everybody needs to know who we are, what we are and what purpose we have. Yes, it’s very “important” to know and understand our constitution and how the government works under corporation. fiction rules and regulations. LEARN and Learn.

    • Colleen

      We have not lost yet- we will RESIST any of the communist mandates by the fraudulent so called president/elect and his running mate.Colleen

  20. Kenneth Laursen

    As soon as they started the COVID bullshit earlier this year, I just knew those Democrat pieces of shit were going to use it as leverage of some sort as far as the vote. Mail in voting made it easier to corrupt the voting into their favor. I chose to wait and vote in person to only find that the voting machines in Mound Minnesota were screwed up. The machine wouldn’t accept my form saying I had voted twice on one candidate, I know damned well I didn’t, then the gentleman behind me had the same trouble, then I checked with a friend that voted two hours later in the same district, and the machine tried to kick his out too, so I know there was at least two hours worth of votING done on a screwed up machine.

  21. David

    Biden seems to get ahead of himself quite often. What does he think will happen will be Trump will just leave the white house when he wants. This sound like a Coo.

  22. Milt

    You are all majoring in the minors. The real problem is not our corrupt politicians, they only created the real problem.
    The real problem is $26,000,000,000,000.00 and growing. That problem will change America. Socialism ? What a joke.

  23. Thomas

    First I am not trying to encourage violence but if you look back through history every major social issue always at some point, when it’s gets too big, the only thing that works to straighten it out is blood shed. The formation of this country!!! Big issues through out it’s development, civil war, thousands of american lives lost, willingly given in fights to protect the core essence of this country – FREEDOM – in wars with non-domestic enemies – world war 1, world war 2, etc….. The internal corruption here – demon-rat, Marxist, Socialist – Communism! has got too entrenched! The fraud at issue with this election and more particularly the participants in this movement – knowing evil predators and the huge numbers of gullible sheep. Many of those have been indoctrinated over time to which, at least I would like to believe are not inherently bad/evil people, are persons that have been bamboozled so slowly and from from so many different angles and grew up or lived in a huge similarly twisted sociologically group atmosphere that they really just don’t know any better. Without straying from just logical argument it must be mentioned, there is or could be a possibility of demonic spiritual influence. The point, I hope I’m wrong, is it looks like a literal type of civil war is a hand and the only thing that could/can work through/smooth this sick divide and thereby save this great country.

  24. Delores O'meara

    Biden, you are a criminal and you are not the President and never will be. The lies and money laundering and child abuse needs to be stopped. Beau would expect you to keep his daughter safe from Hunter. Hunter needs to pay for what he’s done and so do you. Neither of you are above the Law.

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