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How a Mechanic Discovered This Woman Was Being Stalked

Worried young woman being followed

A video of a mechanic showing a secret tracker on an unknowing woman’s car has gone viral.

The video is a warning to others. Many have commented on the video thanking the mechanic for taking the woman’s safety so seriously.


In the video, the mechanic can be heard saying, “So a customer is scared there’s a tracker in her vehicle from a crazy ex-boyfriend.”

The video then shows the mechanic under the car, where he discovers a small device near the wheel on the underside of the car.

He then says, “What the heck?” and scans the QR code on the device.

The video has over 30,000 likes and thousands of comments.

There have not yet been any updates on the post or whether or not the woman took action against the suspected ex-boyfriend who placed the tracker on the vehicle.

One user commented on the video, “Thank you for checking and not blowing it off. You might have saved her life.”

“I’m glad you found it, but never second guess a woman who suspects safety issues around an ex until it is proved safe beyond a shadow of a doubt,” another commented.

“Thank you for actually checking vs assuming she’s crazy,” one said.

“This happened to my friend in college but it took her going to three places for them to check,” another user added.

The mechanic even responded to one user who asked “Why didn’t you believe her when she said that?”

“I didn’t believe someone would actually do that. Everyone in the shop was just as surprised when I told them to come check this out,” he replied.