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Hong Kongers Flee to Canada

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Trudeau Liberals have released their plan to create measures that would help young Hong Kongers obtain permanent residency in Canada.

On Thursday, Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino provided details of a new work permit designed to help expedite the process for Hong Kongers, who may be fleeing the Chinese Communist Party’s aggressive crackdown in the region.

“We are creating new and expedited immigration pathways for those living in Hong Kong to come to Canada,” said Mendicino.

The initiative will focus on three areas.

First, by attracting and retaining recent Hong Kong graduates and workers “with much needed skills for our country.”

“Second, we will promote prioritized and support existing immigration routes for family members, students, and workers,” he continued.

“Third, the Trudeau Liberals will introduce ‘targetted measures” that will enhance the protections offered by Canada’s asylum system.

Mendicino said that Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Hong Kong would be able to return to Canada, and will have their documents fast-tracked to allow easier entry.

Mendicino also announced that the government will loosen political asylum rules for Hong Kongers, cutting wait periods. Canada will also not recognize any charges under the new controversial national security law in Hong Kong.