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Healthcare Workers Resorting to Creative Alternatives Until More Masks Arrive

President Trump has promised America’s selfless healthcare workers masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) as soon as humanly possible. But, until then these heroes are using good old American ingenuity to come up with some practical alternatives.

“I can’t get sick, if I get sick and my colleagues get sick, then there’s nobody to take care of you. That’s why it’s super important that we have access so we can stay healthy to keep you healthy,” said Dr. Carrie De Moor, an emergency physician.

The Center for Disease Control lists on its website recommendations for healthcare providers who may not have face masks available. That includes using a homemade mask like a bandanna or scarf as a last resort.

“Obviously that is not enough to protect them from this virus,” said Moor who explained that’s why she’s suggesting people to go to hardware stores.

“Right now there’s a lot of innovation going on, we have a thinking outside of the box, that’s what a lot of emergency physicians tend to do,” said Moor who says physicians around the country are looking for alternatives.

“We’re seeing them go to paint stores, the hardware stores, picking up what we can. I did the same thing yesterday, I went to some local hardware stores and paint stores to find additional masks and other protective equipment to cover my eyes and filter out the air I might be breathing when I’m taking care of patients.”

Moor took a picture of herself wearing a painter’s mask underneath the face shield and posted it on social media to give people ideas.

Last week, Vice President Mike Pence echoed his plea from earlier this week and asked construction workers to donate masks and other personal protective equipment to healthcare workers.

“We’re asking local painters or construction workers or anyone who might have access to respirators,  that they have laying around, think about donating those to our front-line workers so that we can be protected as we care for these patients that come in,” said Moor.

“If you’re looking to help out, if you’re somebody who can sew or has some kind of skill like that, we are also hearing of people needing to get head covers, explained Moor.

“If you want to sew, take some fabric and sew a head cover to protect our hair form exposure and things like that. It’s another way you can get involved without leaving your house.”