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Health Nazi Nursery In Thailand Imprisons Kids

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The picture is stunning, right out of a dystopian novel. Youngsters in a kindergarten there that has reopened under COVID guidelines are completely enclosed in clear plastic boxes. Despite the physical barrier, these kids have to wear face masks.

I don’t know about you, but I would never let my child attend a school this way. Each child is separated by six feet of “social distancing” – the arbitrary and half-joking invention of a British science adviser to the government.

There they sit on a hardwood floor with a dish of plastic toys, presumably sanitized for their protection. We can’t tell if these children are having fun or not since their mouths and noses are completely covered by a useful cloth mask incapable of filtering any virus.

The Wat Khlong Toey School in Bangkok is forcing its 250 students to become social deviants who never learn how to interact normally because they are masked and physically separated.

The negative effects on Thai society can only be imagined but are sure to follow swiftly. Youth depression is bound to follow – or worse, blind obedience with utter resignation to the unfounded notion that social separation has anything to do with the Scamdemic gripping the people of Earth.

The nursery went to the further expense of installing sinks, soap dispensers, and hand sanitizer outside of each classroom. Undoubtedly, there is a sign (or a proctor) making sure these students wash their hands for 20 seconds – on a stopwatch.

While I support public health and safety, this extreme reaction to a bad strain of bronchial flu that isn’t overwhelming any healthcare systems seems out of proportion to the actual risks these youth face.

Using even worse science, the new educational system is being called a success because, after a month of renewed operations with these severe social limitations, the school reported no cases of Wuhan coronavirus.

Good science tells us that there is no way to judge how effective the measures were without a control group of students who returned to school under pre-Plandemic conditions – no social distancing, no masks, no germophobia.

It is a medical fact that isolating children from their natural environment and each other trashes their immune systems. When they ultimately get exposed to pathogens, they get sick because their bodies’ inborn defense mechanism wasted away.

Ironic, isn’t it?

This image shows some kids who are savvy enough to pull down their masks so they can breathe properly rather than re-inhale their own toxic exhalations.

In the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stands by his pledge to reopen England’s schools “fully” within weeks despite angry teachers’ unions and sheeple who believe the laughable World Health Organization (WHO) and its Health Nazi minions that a second wave the raging infection that never raged is coming.

The British Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) is demanding a “Plan B” to respond to anticipated local outbreaks of coronavirus. These nutters can’t admit that allowing children to get sick and get well is the natural order of things.

These Health Nazis won’t admit that the recovery and fatality rates of Wuhan coronavirus are extraordinarily high and low, respectively.

Nope. No matter what liberties we surrender, no matter how much we comply with their ridiculous and completely unscientific demands, the nonsense continues to escalate.

Is this the world you want your children to live in, a world where they are taught to accept being permanently muzzled, stand on squares, and sit in a box all day long?

Education “leaders” in the UK are proposing highly disruptive schedules, seemingly for their own vanity (because they can) and to mess with both the students and their parents. For example, “one week on, one week off,” is being proposed in all seriousness.

Children thrive on regular schedules and parents rely on them. Justifying complicating the simple matter of schooling kids by saying it’s for the greater good is the greatest evil.

The Children’s Commissioner for England went so far as to suggest that all students in schools be tested for COVID-19 weekly. Consider the expense and classroom downtime this seemingly simple and prudent measure presents.

PM Johnson has. He reinforced that the “crucial thing” was that academic heads be “getting ready for a full return to school in September.”

While visiting a school in east London, Johnson justified his position:

“It’s not right that kids should spend more time out of school.”

It’s so refreshing to hear a voice of reason in a mad, mad world.