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Have Researchers Cracked the Secrets of Alien Languages?

In the annals of Ufology, few names mean more than Roswell, New Mexico. Even those that do not follow UFO lore, or believe in aliens and the possible visit to Earth, are familiar with the alleged crash of a UFO on farm in the now infamous New Mexican town back in 1947.

In addition to the recovery of alien technology, and possibly even alien bodies, new research suggest that people investigating the Roswell Incident may have also uncovered and cracked the code of an alien language.

According to a recent article in the Roswell Daily Record (and, hey, they should know!), “we have had some exposure to the languages used by UFO crews. Some primary witnesses described peculiar inscriptions seen on the 1947 Roswell wreckage, and when physicist Robert Oppenheimer was present at the 1948 Aztec, New Mexico, UFO crash retrieval as part of the scientific team summoned to examine the craft, he took notice of alien markings adorning a ‘sort of book’ found inside, observing that the inscriptions rather resembled Sanskrit, a classical language with which he was familiar.”

This is interesting, notes the article, because certain languages, even here on Earth, like Sanskrit and Asian languages that use symbols to represents concepts, rather than individual letters to form words, are better at describing some of the more esoteric concepts of the universe, such as quantum physics.

“In quantum physics, one needs to think of a subatomic particle not as a thing but as a spectrum of events. Asian languages tend to favor this way of seeing the world from the outset, so that in effect, the speakers of such languages experience a fairly natural affinity with quantum theory.” This, according to the article is why Chinese and other Asian speaking scientists seem to excel at quantum mechanics, while Western scientists tend to lag behind in such matters of advanced quantum physics and string theory.

Applying this theory, which in linguistics is known as the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis to the alien “language” discovered Oppenheimer at Roswell would seem to suggest they have an understanding of the quantum realm far greater than our own, which might explain their development of the technologies for interstellar space flight, or even time travel.

There are those who speculate that some UFOs are time travelers from our own distant future. We know how our own languages have evolved over the past few thousand years, but what about the next million years? Maybe linguistically we’re in the slow process of becoming better scientists and developing a more profound understanding of the Universe all the time.

What do you think? Does an advanced symbolic language used by aliens suggest that they possess the knowledge to traverse space and time? Reply in the comments below.