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Gut-Churning Child Abuse And The Foster Parents From Beyond Hell

Call it a case out of the frying pan and into the fire. At least six of the Turpin siblings, who had been rescued from the horrific abuse of their own parents in 2018, say that the abuse continued in foster care.

The sad revelations came as six of the thirteen Turpin children filed a lawsuit against Riverside County and a private foster care agency, ChildNet Youth and Family Services.

The children claim they were physically, sexually, and emotionally abused under the care of their foster parents, Marcelino and Rosa Olguin — and the agencies tasked with protecting them knew and failed to step in.

Marcelino and Rosa Olguin have not been named in the civil suit, but Riverside County prosecutors charged the couple earlier this year on multiple accounts of abuse and neglect. They have pleaded not guilty.

“It was just trauma, inflicted upon trauma, which really made it so much worse because just when they thought maybe their lives were going to get a lot better, it really didn’t,” Roger Booth, an attorney representing four of the siblings, told the press,

“It’s going to take some time for them to recover and learn to trust people because, at this point, there’s been very few adults that they’ve been able to trust,” his statement continued.

According to the complaint, which was obtained and reported on by the NY Post, Marcelino Olguin sexually abused the children by “grabbing and fondling their buttocks, legs, and breasts, kissing them on the mouth and making sexually suggestive comments.”

The siblings also allege the Olguin’s forced them to eat “excessive” amounts of food — and then made them eat their own vomit if they threw their meals up. The abuse allegedly caused some of the children to develop eating disorders.

The family also berated the traumatized kids, telling them they were “worthless, would never be loved, and should commit suicide,” the lawsuit claims.

The lawsuit also alleges the Olguins and their daughter, Lennys, struck them with belts, pulled their hair, and made them recount the sickening abuse they suffered at the hands of their parents, David, and Louise Turpin.

The Original Turpin “House of Horrors”

All of this was layered on top of a horrific case of parental abuse and neglect of all of the Turpin siblings that made headlines in 2018.

The 13 Turpin children suffered years of torture and neglect when they were imprisoned by their parents in their Perris, Calif. home.

The siblings – who ranged in age from 2 to 29 at the time, were discovered in 2018 after one of the children snuck out of the “house of horrors” and called the police.

On January 14, 2018, brave seventeen-year-old Jordan Turpin escaped through a window and called the police to report her parents and save her younger siblings. Chains, cages, and ropes were found around the house. Pungent stenches sweltered within the home from human excrement, garbage, and rotten food.

Prohibited from showering, the children were filthy, their faces caked with dirt. Their bodies were so malnourished they were half the size they should have been for their age. Bruises, burns, and skin depressions from shackles and ropes garnished their bodies.

The parents were immediately arrested, and the story made national news due to the odd nature of the case. One of the stranger aspects was that the family had 13 biological children, all entrapped in one location, and two of the children were legal adults. Yet, no one knew a thing.

Louise and David Turpin were sentenced to life in prison in 2019, and the minor children were placed in the custody of Riverside County’s Public Guardian and Department of Public Social Services.