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Greek Man Faces Jail Time For Kicking A Cat Into The Sea!

Furious Facebook uses helped Greek authorities find and charge a man for animal cruelty after he posted a video of him luring a kitten close to the edge of a waterfront restaurant and then kicking the tiny feline into the waters below!

Authorities credit Facebook viewers with helping them identify and arrest the man after they alerted police upon seeing posts of the horrific incident of animal cruelty.  

It happened recently in Greece. In the disturbing video, the man can be seen luring the kitten to the water’s edge with a fish and then kicking it into the sea while furious. Greek citizens who saw the post demanded the culprit be arrested.

The unnamed man now faces perhaps decades in prison, as the video surfaced just weeks after severe new animal cruelty rules were implemented in the country.

After receiving the video from concerned public members, Greek authorities detained a subject on suspicion of kicking the cat into the sea. 

In the video, three individuals are seen dining outside on the island of Evia. Two cats approach the diners before a man lures one over – the smaller of the two – to the water’s edge with a piece of fish. The cruel diner then kicks the friendly kitten into the sea below.

The video aroused uproar on social media, and authorities immediately apprehended the evil individual.

Under Greece’s newly instated animal cruelty laws, if convicted as charged of animal maltreatment, he risks ten years in jail and a fine of $53,000 US.

The country’s police minister expressed gratitude to all who assisted in bringing the poor excuse for a human being to justice.

Minister Takis Theodorikakos said on Facebook, “A while ago, a person was arrested by the Greek Police who kicked and flew a kitten into the sea. Violence against animals is unacceptable.”

“The government has passed a strict law on protecting animals from abuse, which is now in effect, but this is a matter of humanity and culture in every case. I am deeply saddened for those who abuse animals and those who tolerate it.

I heartily salute those who pointed out the issue. The person now belongs to Greek justice,” the Minister continued.

Thankfully, other quick-thinking dinners at the pier rescued the kitten from the sea, and brought it to a clinic, where it was said to be doing well.