GOP Rallies Their Forces to Contest Electoral College in Congress

In the wake of a controversial phone call in which President Trump appears to pressure Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the state’s election results, Republican Senators and Representatives rally to object to the Electoral College certification vote scheduled for Wednesday, January 6.

On Saturday, President Trump reportedly joined a call with 50 Congress members led by Reps. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.) and Jim Jordan (R-OH.) to discuss their objection to the disputed 2020 election.

“On January 6, 2021, I have a choice. I can ignore truth, surrender to socialism, and accept Electoral College submissions from states with election systems so badly flawed as to render their vote submissions unreliable, untrustworthy, and unworthy of acceptance,” Brooks stated. “Or I can fight for America and move to reject them.”

Mo Brooks and over 140 GOP Congress members reportedly plan to object at Wednesday’s vote. At least 11 Senate Republicans lead by Ted Cruz, also announced that they will vote for objections to the Electoral College results Wednesday when Congress convenes in a joint session to formally count the vote.

Meanwhile, in a call with Raffensperger – leaked by the Washington Post – the President claimed he won the election and said it’s not fair to take it away.

“You should want to have an accurate election,” President Trump told the secretary of state. “And you’re a Republican.”

Raffensperger responded by saying, “We believe that we do have an accurate election.”

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What do you think, is the Biden win legitimate, or was it stolen from President Trump? Please reply using the comments below.


20 Replies to “GOP Rallies Their Forces to Contest Electoral College in Congress”

  1. Tracy Misko

    Democrats/Far Left cheated/lied/manipulated the 6 battleground states with unconstitutional election laws changes that had no power/right to do. They are the evil terrorists that are destroying America from within. May God bless His Faithful who stood by Pres Trump & VP Pence.

  2. Ben Fowler

    Definitely Fraud and a lot of it.. you mean to tell me there 80 million dumb ass so called Americans in America? What. If they voted for biden? Then I guess so and WOW..

  3. Salvador D Horquita

    Biden is not legitimate until allegations of election fraud is investigated and cleared by the courts. The courts have refused to hear the cases presented by Trump’s legal team. So it looks like he is going to be an illegitimate president.

    • Russell Golf

      President Trump got more legitimate black votes than any other incumbent President in history,the blacks that voted for Joe Biden are misguided and ignorant they are products of years of dependence on their democratic slave masters. They are to blind to see that they are still on the plantation and they have gotten so used to the handouts that they are content with getting something for nothing like they are entitled, and they have become more racist and radical with their BLM hate group they are the Black KKK it’s a shame,And our poor misguided youth that our education system indoctrinates instead of educates are content with living at home with Mommy and Daddy live to protest their role models are celebrities who don’t have a clue so caught up with political correctness makes me want to throw up.What the hell has happened to this country. You would have to be a absolutely complete fucking moron if you think Biden won!!!!!!!!!Thank You President Trump best President we’ve ever had,we actually had a chance to right the ship but apparently the swamp was worse than we could ever imagined.God help us.

  4. Charlie Kirkpatrick

    Im a retiree and have the choice whether or not to live in this country. If we can not have honest elections by and for the people I will leave. I pity those who have no choice. President Trump stands for truth justice and all America. Under Biden the commander in THIEF we will lose our once great countryto the Deep State and China. I see nothing but death and destruction under a Biden Whitehouse. There will surely be no middleclass. As a 30 year Teamster and Viet Nam Era veteran I am ashamed of our countries unions for suppirting Biden. They will soon see what Biden will do to their rank and file. They can forget about their pensions jobs and decent pay. They will all suffer. Ask a Chinese worker what to expect.

  5. JoeyP

    It was STOLEN, but it ain’t OVER! . . . I didn’t hear the FAT LADY sing (I’m NOT obsessed with the FAT Lady!). Let’s keep FIGHTING. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  6. Deedra Ice

    i believe the 2020 election was fraudulent-that should make it null an void-trump should keep his pres position-meanwhile -yes challenge the electoral vote-so we can keep our pres trump/pence for our leaders of usa!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!!!

  7. carl akabar

    Born and raised in Chicago I have witnessed political corruption since I was 18 years old even murder(Chuck Percy, Irv Kupsinick) Heaven help us!

  8. Wahab Aljewari

    It’s highly organized fraudulent election orchestrated by the Democratic Party and manifested by Wall Street ,CNN and other anti Trump media , African American , Latino American. Ordinary American citizens who for the first time in many years enjoyed a descent governing institution are chocked and demoralized by Biden winning the presidential election.

  9. Donna Cross

    As the election date neared, Biden aired an ad where he told everyone “to go vote, just go vote.” He didn’t designate a political party or name himself to be voted for, so that told me that he knew that he had it wrapped up. It wasn’t too long after the election that a letter was posted from the BLM group stating that they were waiting for their promises to be fulfilled for their part in securing votes.
    I feel that there was fraud in this 2020 Presidential election against President Trump. Biden has been in Washington DC long enough to have gathered everything that he needed from those who could benefit his cause.

  10. Judson

    The majority of Americans believe the election from these very highly questionable states with clearly tampered with vote counting and not accrete! Highly flawed! and there for totally untrustworthy! All of them are to be rejected eminently!
    And all are to be Criminality investigated and the criminals “al of them” persuade, arrested, prosecuted, found guilty and sent to prison for life!

  11. Diana

    The election was stolen, no if’s ands or nits about it. Even in my neck of the woods, a friend received 4 that is right 4 ballots to vote as did her husband 4 ballots. In addition to that, later on she received more voting ballots with different type and headers. Now if that is not fraud, what is???
    In addition to that a family member requested a ballot and received nothing. Fraud at every step and turn along the way.

  12. Nadine Meade

    Do you think the age of these political thieves will help…after all as they die off of natural causes…surely they cannot leave as many dirty ones as there are now??? schumer, sosros, pelosi, clintons, mcconnel and many others of the swamp, ( I am not bothering to spell names their names correctly…they don’t deserve it) surely cannot live forever??? All of this is just for POWER….you can only spend just so much money??? THEY MUST ABSOLUTELY BE MENTALLY ILL…INSANE FOR GREED AND POWER…others scared to death of what the swamp will do to them if they don’t cooperate? Is it worth living in fear of such… to live at all???? IF you know the truth and don’t come forward…you’re as guilty as they are…you will receive the same judgement as they…. my belief is that will be ever lasting hell. Of course, GOD does the judging…not me. MAYBE some of you will think this over and have a change of mind for your actions??? DEATH is certain for all of us…your hereafter, you choose????

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