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Globalist judge blocks Trump’s policy to return so-called ‘asylum seekers’ back to Mexico

Earlier this week on Monday, a U.S. judge provisionally blocked the Trump administration from administering its ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy – a policy that returns so-called ‘asylum seekers’ back to Mexico while they wait for a formal hearing concerning their immigration status.

Richard Seeborg, a left-wing globalist and activist judge out of the rapidly decaying and liberal hell hole San Francisco, ordered Trump’s administration to halt the deportation of foreign invaders, or as globalist traitors prefer to call them – asylum seekers. According to the Associated Press, the judge gave federal officials until the end of the work week to dispute the decision.

The traitorous judge’s ruling comes just after a pair of ‘civil liberties’ organizations sued the Trump administration over a policy enacted in 2018 which sent foreign nationals seeking asylum in the United States back to Mexico while they wait for their immigration hearings.

The lawsuit was filed by the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) on the behalf of 11 migrants. The suit asserts that Trump and his administration are violating the rights of immigrants to apply for asylum by making it more difficult to do so. In the suit, the groups claim that the Trump administration has failed to acknowledge and address the threatening conditions that are compelling migrants to seek asylum in the United States.

In a statement given following the lawsuit’s filing, ACLU attorney Jennifer Chang said, “This is a naked attempt by the Trump administration to eviscerate our country’s asylum protections.”

However, the Trump administration firmly maintains that it’s well within the bounds of the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act, which ‘mandates that immigrants who are unlawfully present in the U.S. for 180 days but under 365 days must remain outside the United States for three years unless pardoned’. The law clearly states that migrants should be sent back to the country in which they last set foot in while they await their hearing.

Prior to the Trump administration’s policy, which happen to take effect in San Diego County during January of this year, asylum seekers were let go inside of U.S. borders while they awaited their hearings, instead of being sent back to where they came from like the law mandates.

According to Stephen Miller, a senior policy adviser to president Trump, “This law has been on the books for a very long time and has not been utilized. That’s the example of the kind of legal authority that already exists that is the kind of thing we can deploy to restore integrity to the immigration system.”

According to the Associated Press, groups like the ACLU argue that the administration is incorrectly applying a provision in immigration law which isn’t meant to be applied to asylum seekers who make their way to border checkpoints. Judy Rabinovitz, another ACLU lawyer says the new policy means that migrants may not have lawyers or interpreters present at their hearings.

Data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection suggests that Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy has more than likely contributed to the increasing number of migrants trying to hop the border illegally rather than doing so properly through ports of entry.

The policy is meant to assist immigration officials who must deal with the growing crisis along the US-Mexico border. Officials from the Trump administration and globalist pro-immigration advocacy groups remain at odds, with one group believing the situation along the border is a crisis of national security, while the other holds that it’s a humanitarian crisis.

Meanwhile, federal courts forced to face this issue are dealing with an immigration backlog of more than 800,000 cases.