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Globalist Democrats say American’s are ‘obligated’ to deliver amnesty to migrants

A band of far-left Senate Democrats claim that Americans “have an obligation” to give amnesty to millions of foreign migrants living in the United States who believe that they’ve “earned the right” to be in the country.

After Democrats in the House along with seven House Republicans – in name only, of course –  passed a bill that would give broad amnesty to any illegal immigrant who claims that they first came to the U.S. as a child, Senate Democrats are now imploring the Senate to follow suit.

Far-left globalist Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Tim Caine (D-VA), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), and Ben Cardin (D-MD) are all urging the Republican-controlled Senate to pass their anti-American amnesty plan which would provide a half a million foreign immigrants currently staying in the United States under Temporary Protected Status (TPS) a way to attain American citizen.

If the Democrats are successful in their endeavor – which if they have a sufficient amount of help from globalist Republicans they will be – it would mean that, at the least very least, the left would gain 500,000 more voters overnight. This is an idea that both globalists leftists and so-called ‘conservative’ billionaires like the Koch brothers are frothing at the mouth over. In a public statement, Senator Ben Cardin said that American’s are required to give illegal foreign nationals permanent legal residency and ultimately citizen by way of amnesty. As stated by Cardin:

“These individuals have lawfully lived and worked in the U.S. as our neighbors, as they sought refuge in the U.S. We have an obligation to take action and give needed predictability and safety to people who are in an uncertain status. We need to stand up for the American values of compassion and diversity that have made this country stronger.”

Apparently, for Senator Feinstein, the nearly half a million foreign nations who would be given amnesty have “earned the right” to permanently stay in the country. According to the 2016

election voting outcome, it’s clear that the American middle and working classes feel differently.

“The Senate needs to follow the House’s lead and pass these important protections for immigrant families who have been living and working in the United States for decades,” Feinstein declared, adding, “After fleeing wars and natural disasters, these families have established deep roots in our communities and earned the right to remain together here in the United States.”

It should be known that under the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1990 (INA), Temporary Protected Status (TPS) has basically given amnesty to those who would otherwise be classified as illegal immigrants. Under the INA, foreign nationals who hail from countries which have been subjected to war, famine, or natural disasters are prevented from being deported.

In the 90s, during the administration of Bill Clinton, the TPS was turned into a de-facto amnesty program. The administrations of George Bush, Barack Obama, and now Donald Trump have all continually renewed the program for a number of countries.

Every single year, the United States lets in over 1.2 million – mainly low or unskilled legal immigrants – who contend with America’s poor, working, and middle-class for jobs, and as a result, bring down their wages.

Nearly 70 percent of legal migration into the U.S. occurs through a process known as “chain migration” where recently naturalized citizens are then allowed to bring in an unlimited number of relatives into the country with them. Since 2005, the process of chain migration has brought in nearly 10 million foreign nationals into the country.