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Ghost Hunter Flees “Haunted” UK Pub in Terror!

A pub in the UK known to be a hotbed of paranormal activity proved to be too haunted even for a professional ghosthunter.

Paranormal investigator Tony Ferguson, 37, fled the Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge — purported to be one of the most haunted pubs in the UK – as he and his team experienced strange activity at the Gloucestershire Inn during their recent investigation. 

Ferguson is now convinced that the Ancient Ram Inn in Wotton-under-Edge is indeed one of the most haunted places he has ever encountered.

The part-time paranormal investigator from the New Forest in Hampshire tours the country with a team of “experts” visiting places that are rumored to be haunted.

However, for the first time, they decided to cut and run during an investigation when they were unable to explain what was happening, reports local outlet, Gloucestershire Live.

Tony, a strapping young man who also works as a personal trainer, said, “I was very skeptical, but there were so many things I couldn’t explain.

“I am not normally on edge during investigations, but this place felt very eerie and sinister. I kept seeing this thing floating above us; it seemed to be following us around.”

Ferguson continues to describe his eerie experience, “I saw mist coming towards me, felt a hand on my neck, and heard all kinds of noises I couldn’t explain. We left two hours early because of how uncomfortable everyone felt. It’s one of the most haunted places in the UK by far.”

The Ancient Ram Inn is a former inn turned tourist attraction due to its reputation as a paranormal location. It was home to a man named John Humphries, who died in 2017, and many say he was plagued by the Inn’s “haunted” nature.

The site is built on an ancient pagan burial ground and was once used to practice witchcraft and devil worship, and perhaps even human sacrifice. Locals also believe that many murders and deaths took place at the house, and the spirits that stayed behind after often make themselves known.

Prior to Humphries death, the inn was featured on the TV show “Most Haunted,” where he recalled: “As I pointed to a haunted corner, a big flash came across and hit me with a terrific force. It threw me from one end of the room to the other, and I was pinned up against the wall, helpless.”

It was stories like this that drew Ferguson and his crew from Ghost2Ghost to the legendary site to launch their own investigation and to see if there was any truth in the whispers and rumors about the inn.

A Night of Terror!

Ferguson and his team of fellow paranormal investigators booked in to spend a night at Ancient Ram Inn, determined to get the truth. Setting up CCTV cameras to capture any paranormal happenings on camera, Ghost2Ghost came away with a bunch of spooky and unexplainable footage.

Ferguson said, “In the [room known as] the ‘witch’s room,’ we saw this orb, a light anomaly, floating towards me, and it also showed up on camera. We heard noises and went into the barn area to investigate, and there was this mist coming towards me, but it wasn’t cold.

“We have been told that someone had supposedly hanged themselves in that area.

“There were so many banging sounds, and we even heard a dragging sound above us, but there was nobody upstairs.”

But, as he related to the “Daily Mirror,” things grew more and more sinister and terrifying as the evening progressed.

Tony said, “Then, in the living room area, our portal – a device used to connect with the afterlife – said the word ‘Jinn,’ which is Arabic for ‘spirit’ or ‘demon’ while the orb floated above our heads.

“At one point, the room grew very dark, and we heard a very clear “f*** you” in a disembodied man’s voice – but we were the only men in the house.

“Then we heard this cat’s meow, but there were no cats around. The rumors suggest that the witch’s cat had died in this house and is supposedly mummified somewhere beneath it. But the worst was when I felt something around my neck – nobody was there, but I felt like I was being strangled.”

The team planned to stay the night – or at least until the ‘witching hour’ at 3 am to see if anything happened. But the spooky happenings left the experienced team of ghost hunters so freaked out that they left two hours ahead of schedule – and would not stay in the obviously “evil” place overnight.

Despite being a part-time ghost hunter, Ferguson says he is a skeptic, and the goal of Ghost2Ghost’s investigations are to debunk alleged hauntings and paranormal activities and provide rational explanations for what people have seen and heard, like leaky steampipes and such. However, he says this time, he came away convinced that the Inn actually is haunted.

“There were so many things going on that I just couldn’t explain or understand.”