Germany: Fighting-age Iraqi migrant attacks driver with axe in Munich

A 34-year-old German man last Sunday was attacked by a fighting-aged Iraqi migrant with an ax on the streets of Munich, leaving him with serious injuries to his face.

The attack occurred on Sunday afternoon at around 5pm when the man and his wife were driving on Gernotstrasse toward Mittlerer Ring when they were suddenly stopped at Burgunderstrasse by a pedestrian who jumped in front of the car and began hitting the hood with his hands, daily German newspaper Abendzeitung reports.

After the man got out of his Honda Civic, a physical confrontation ensued. At that moment, the Iraqi migrant pedestrian pulled out a “kind of hatchet” and bludgeoned the left side of the 33-year-old man’s head, police say.

Following the attack, the victim from Munich was left with serious injuries which left his face bleeding heavily. The axe-like object that the Iraqi migrant used was reported to have cut nearly half of the Munich man’s face off. Luckily, the axe’s blade missed the victim’s carotid and subclavian arteries.

The driver’s wife was forced to watch the horrific scene unfold helplessly, from the passenger seat of the vehicle. Luckily, the migrant attacker did not shift his attention and aggression toward the woman as she remained in the car. As a result, she was left uninjured.

Two days later, on Tuesday, authorities were able to track down and arrest the axe attacker.

The 34-year-old Iraqi migrant has been examined physically and now a judge will need to make the decision as to whether the man should remain in police custody or be admitted to a psychiatric facility.

Investigators say the two men had never met before the attack, and that the motive is completely unclear.

The victim is currently being treated at the hospital following an emergency operation.

Sadly, barbaric axe and sword attacks have become commonplace in Germany.

Last October, European media reported on a 34-year-old Tunisian migrant who hacked his wife to death with an ax in broad daylight in the city center of Limburg, Germany. The act of extreme brutality was caught on video.

A couple months earlier in August, European media reported on a fake Syrian refugee hacked his roommate to death with a samurai sword in the middle of the street in the German city of Stuttgart dozens of onlookers watched.

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  1. This is what open borders gets you!
    I lived in Northern Germany from 1970-72. The German people were very kind to me.
    The city was spotless and nearly crime free. On my visit two years ago, the once sparkling town is
    Filthy and scarred by graffiti. I saw bands of rude, hostile, “non Germans” wandering the streets and sleeping in doorways.

    Thanks Momma Merkel— you Commie bitch!

    • You’re so right! It’s disgusting Merkel cares Nothing about her citizens! Why aren’t they demanding her resignation?! She’s let Germany go to theses so called refugees! These men left their wives and kids in camps! It’s an Invasion! It’s been planned! Why aren’t they going back to take their country back? Because It’s AN INVASION! They want to take over world! European Leaders allowing it… so Traitors! Wonder what they are getting Paid!!!

  2. What the f#$& is going in Europe? I know if this BS happens to me that moron would laying dead in the street with a.45 cal bullet in his chest No more legal or illegal immigration from the Arab Islamic Muslim terrorists supported countries or any where for that matter STOP THIS MADNESS NOW AND IN NOVEMBER BY REELECTING THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DONALD J TRUMP

    • The leaders of most of the European Union countries are global socialist, like the socialist democrats here.😡 let the Muslim invaders in to destroy the country culture. Soros long term agenda! That whole family should be declared a clear and present danger!😲

  3. Due to Angela Merkel’s stupidity of letting a million plus middle east refugees,such attacks are going to escalate. germans are going to lose their way of life gradually.

  4. Germany must return to Germans only,don’t forget the thousands of bodies of your young men buried still undiscovered in the East.
    Organize peacefully and get rid of the Liberals, politicians, and academics among you.

  5. Keep leaving more in your country and see how that works out for you . I hope the USA is watching this crap . It’s coming , thanks to the delusional democrats and open borders . I only hope the crazy hit the delusional democrats first and some of Hollywoods losers .

  6. Oh well, all the more reason the crazy lady running Germany (if she still is, haven’t checked lately) will, no doubt, open the doors and allow yet another flood of so-called refugees in to further victimize and put at risk her own citizens. Why don’t all the victims SUE Merkel, or is she, like most politicians, conveniently protected from civil litigation for their actions. This is a practice in the U.S. and likely elsewhere that needs to be eliminated. Elected and often appointed politicians and civil servants routinely commit actions against citizens that you or I would be prosecuted for.

  7. Gee the EU should be so proud of the fact they forcibly allowed all those “refugees” into all the countries of Europe.

    Remember when they called everyone that was against letting the fake refugees in racists. Well those people deserved to be hacked up with an axe now

  8. I bet they don’t have “conceal carry” in Germany. Could have made a huge difference in the outcome of this incident. Oh well!!

  9. Why is it the the leaders of the EU were so eager to let the “refugees” into europe when all of the regular people could see this was a mistake. We knew they were not “refugees” it was an invasion. Now they have gang rapes, murders and bombing all ove tdd europe due to these “refugees”. The leaders of the EU should have to use their personal funds to pay for the damage their stupid liberal thinking caused.

  10. In the USA he would’ve been shot by several by standers who have permits to carry. We have the right to defend ourselves.

  11. All of this was set up by Obanas Administration and it is very sad we all have to pay for it even with our lives.I am beyond outrage. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and I am also amazed how easily people can get BRAINWASHED. That is even more shocking.

  12. It just kills me. I can’t say how many stories I’ve read about Muslim men who have attacked someone with either a knife or a gun and the story always ends with the words, “the motive for the attack is completely unclear”. The first couple of times it happened, I can see there might have been an element of uncertainty, but when the string of attacks approaches several hundred you would think they might have it figured out. People are attacked by Muslims because that’s what Muslims do. Their preference is to attack infidels, but if none of those are available, they’ll attack other Muslims (because, while the other Muslims believe and pray to the same god, they pray differently and that is bad, too). I paraphrase their favorite description of themselves when I call them the religion of pieces-just look where they live: all of the buildings are bombed out, rubble is everywhere, everyone has an AK-47 and they have been in a continuous state of war since their prophet was still alive. Someday, someone will figure out how to civilize them-until that time they will ever be barbarians.


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