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French Senator Blames NWO For Migrants Overrunning Country

A French Minister of Parliament recently blasted open border policies that have prompted a flood of poor, underskilled, and violent migrants, most of them from war-torn, third-world African countries. The European legislator blamed New World Order globalists for trashing his beautiful land and threatening its national identity.

Stéphane Ravier is a member of the French Senate for National Rally, Marine Le Pen’s party. In 2017, Le Pen lost the presidential election to Emmanuel Macron who is still under fire from frustrated middle-class Yellow Vest protestors who have staged public marches and demonstrations on 50 consecutive Saturdays since November 17, 2018.

Le Pen made a campaign promise to take down the globalists and return to nationalism:

“The elite are not safe hiding behind their propaganda fueled media institutions, making unaccountable decisions in Brussels, and silencing citizens who speak out against this insanity. When I am President a tidal wave of revulsion will be coming their way, the likes of which has never been seen before.”

MP Ravier was elected to represent the Bouches-du-Rhones district in the Provence-Alps-Mediterranean Coast region on September 28, 2014. Marseilles is the largest city is Ravier’s jurisdiction. He is a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and the Defense and Armed Forces Committee.

On November 11, 2019, Ravier addressed the French Senate and spoke out against the “Great Replacement” of Christians with Muslims in his country and across Europe. His first words were a rhyming slogan used by the French government for the past thirty years or so to justify rampant immigration at the expense of the natives:

“L’immigration est une chance pour la France!”
(Immigration is a chance for France!)

Ravier mocked the empty promise, saying that the political class has negated everything by promoting familial regrouping, border erasures, employment discrimination, welfare, the asylum laws, and the waves of adults (some of whom pretend to be underage minors) gaining entry into France:

“So, migration is a chance – but for whom? Certainly not for our compatriots.”

The French legislator accused the ruling elite of “allowing the death of the identity of French people.”

Ravier also charged that the French government bestowed public grants and chartered boats to bring illegals from the Libyan coast to Europe.

In 2016, only 7 percent of foreigners who settled down in our country have contracted for employment. The Senator stated:

“Immigration is no longer – and hasn’t been for a long time – a labor migration but a population migratory welfare recipients.”

Ravier called the cost of open borders to his fellow citizens “exorbitant” and stated for the record:

“I tell you solemnly, my dear colleagues, I don’t believe in the Theory of Great Replacement…I am convinced of its reality.”

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about a topic that may be unfamiliar to many Americans:

“The Great Replacement (French: grand remplacement), also known as the replacement theory, is a white nationalist far-right conspiracy theory which states that,  with the complicity or cooperation of “replacist” elites, the white French population — as well as white European population at large — is being progressively replaced with non-European peoples —specifically Arab, Berber and sub-Saharan Muslim populations from Africa and the Middle East—through mass migration, demographic growth and a European drop in the birth rate.”

Note that the Great Replacement has been labeled a “far-right conspiracy theory” by the mainstream media. There is nothing theoretical about the surging Muslim population in France which includes Islamic extremists determined to establish a worldwide caliphate, the region over which the caliph – a successor to the Prophet Muhammad – holds spiritual and political power.

In January 2015, PBS reporter Megan Thompson noted how large the Islamic population had become in France:

“By some estimates, the city is now 30 to 40 percent Muslim, one of the highest concentrations of Muslims anywhere in this overwhelmingly Catholic country.”

Pew Research report stated that “As of mid-2016, there were 5.7 million Muslims in France (8.8% of the country’s population).”

Jérôme Fourquet, who directs the mainstream French public opinion research firm IFOP, said that 18.8 percent of the children born in France today receive Islamic or Arabic names from their parents and “the name Mohammed is among the top 20 names of children in France.”

French police and firefighters are attacked regularly by unruly migrant mobs who lob fireworks, Molotov cocktails, bricks, and debris at first responders who show up to deal with crimes perpetrated by the same mob members. Setting dumpsters and cars on fire is a favorite tactic used by the destructive militants.