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Free Food & Supplies on

Calling all doomsday preppers! has emerged as one of the cheapest, easiest ways to purchase food and supplies. And with Amazon’s reward program, you can score FREE groceries – all delivered to your doorstep with no hassle. Keep reading to learn how.

I’ll admit when I think “” I picture entertainment items like books and movies. But did you know that Amazon offers unbeatable prices on canned food and supplies like cleaning products, toilet paper, and diapers?

Featured food items for preppers include:
• Canned hamburger (hard to find)
• Pinto bean seasoning (for all those beans you’ve stashed away)
• Canned bread
• Starbucks Instant Coffee (just add water)
• Breakfast bars, protein bars, and Pop Tarts (currently 15% off with coupon)
• Powdered milk
• Feminine hygiene products (for example, 96 Tampax Pearl tampons are just $20)
• Paper towels and toilet paper
• Baby formula and diapers (Amazon Mom members get 20% off diapers and FREE 2-day shipping)

Not only are the prices lower when you shop on Amazon, but you won’t spend money on gas or have to wait in line at the store. Amazon offers hard-to-find items that come packed in prepper-ready storage containers. For example, Amazon sells Hershey’s Syrup in a can. This will last much longer than the variety sold in most stores.

How to get Free Groceries

Step 1: Sign up for the American Express rewards program. You’ll get a reward each month based on how much you buy.

Step 2: Get an Amazon Visa Rewards card (issued through Chase). When you sign up, you’ll also get a free Amazon gift card (between $30-$90). You can use this card to get free groceries. The Amazon Visa gives you even more discounts on Amazon plus cash back offers.

Step 3: Sign up for Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program to save up to 15% on monthly deliveries + free shipping. We also recommend signing up for Amazon Prime.

Free StarKist Tuna

Have you stashed away StarKist tuna? If so, you may be entitled to some free cash. In order to settle a lawsuit in which StarKist was accused of under-filling tuna cans, it is making an offer to customers: $50 in tuna or $25 in cash if you have purchased certain items. Visit for details (you don’t need a receipt).