Four Proud Boys Stabbed by BLM in DC?

A leader of the far-right Proud Boys claims he was one of four people stabbed after being “jumped by Black Lives Matter” early Wednesday in Washington, DC — but cops said that’s speculation and the protest group called the allegation “LIES.”

Enrique Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit that he was slashed in the stomach, while “multiple other members” were injured, including a man stabbed in the neck and a woman with them stabbed in the back.

The group said they were heading home after watching the election at a DC bar when they were jumped and knifed just blocks from the White House.

Livestreamed video caught part of the scuffle — with one man walking back to the videographer and saying, “I’m bleeding.”

After the attackers fled, Bevelyn Beatty — a black woman who previously dumped paint over the Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower — was seen holding her lower back, saying, “They stabbed me.”

“She’s bleeding really badly!” gasped the videographer, Jen Loh, a former vice president of Latinos For Trump.

“We just got jumped by Black Lives Matter and they just stabbed Bevelyn Beatty,” Loh said in her video, which showed a trail of blood on the sidewalk.

Moments later, Loh went up to the man seen clutching his neck at the start of her clip — suddenly gasping, “Oh my God, you’ve got tons of blood coming out of your neck!”

“Yes I do!” said the panicked-sounding man, still clasping the wound.

The group flagged down police and medics, telling them, “We just got jumped by Black Lives Matter here.”

DC police said early Wednesday that they were looking for two men dressed all in black as well as a woman wearing black sweatpants, orange leggings and a dark gray coat — and “armed with a knife.”


Loh told Storyful that the attackers appeared to target Beatty. “If it wasn’t for the three or four Proud Boys that were there, she would have been stabbed and really brutally beaten had they not saved her from the attack,” Loh told the agency.

Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit that the injuries were “very serious, but not life-threatening.”

“Bevelyn got stabbed as well as two Proud Boys and the guy they were attacking. I got slashed, but it’s not serious,” he said.

DC police spokesman Lt. Ralph Neal initially told local media that the suspects were members of Black Lives Matter — which the group’s DC-branch called “a LIE!”

The protest group had “nothing to do with these stabbings,” BLM DC tweeted. “Shame on [Chief of Police Peter Newsham] and [DC Police] for sharing false information,” the group said.

The force changed its account and told WUSA9 that it could no longer confirm the suspects were affiliated to BLM, the station said.

A press release later also stressed that officers “cannot verify any specific affiliation of the suspects.”

5 Replies to “Four Proud Boys Stabbed by BLM in DC?”

  1. John

    Regardless of committed the attack, it’s a sorry state of affairs in our country. Far left radicals, whether they be BLM or Antifa, are always behind the violence. Hey Democrats, here’s a shout out to you, own up to your bulls**t and act like an adult.

  2. john

    Penn. should have been counted for Trump with a 6pt. lead others have with much less % than that for the other one. What is going on Alaska big margin even if only 60% counted what is the delay? Stopping count in some states if had a fire would the firefighters stop putting out the because of too much smoke!!!!!!!

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