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Forget Area 51, Have You Heard of Area 122?

There is something strange in the South Pole; a huge structure that houses some unknown, possibly alien secrets. If that sounds a bit like the “Fortress of Solitude” of a certain Kryptonian – you may be surprised to found out that, in fact, it is a very real, very mysterious research facility.

It’s known as Area 122, and in fact, it just may be 3 times as strange as the better known, Area 51!

Area 122 is located on Ross Island, amidst the frozen tundra of the Antarctic. It is strictly off-limits save to a select few. Numerous conspiracy theories exist around this mysterious secret laboratory. It is a designated ASPA area, or “Antarctic Specially Protected Area.” In total, there are 170 ASPA plants distributed throughout the Antarctic, most of which are used for undisclosed scientific research.

One of the theories surrounding many of the ASPA areas, and specifically, Area 122, is that their mission is to search for extraterrestrials, but that has not been confirmed by SETI, NASA, or any other agency known to be actively involved in such a search. Officially, ASPA labs are supposedly research facilities for scientists to study climatic activity impacting the aurora borealis and the ozone layer.

Other ASPA facilities have radar gear on their rooftops, which would coincide with that mission, and are relatively open facilities, with nothing strange or innocuous inside, and where scientists working there are allowed to be in contact with their families over the internet and satellite phones.

However, Area 122 tells a different story. It is the only ASPA location that is under strict military guard 24/7, and no one gets in or out without proper government clearance.

The building itself, is unimpressive, nothing more than a green box that seems to have been just plopped on the ice. Near the building there is a “strange-looking orb,” resembling a disco ball on top of the rocky hills.

Until recently, the public has never seen the inside of Area 122.

A Mysterious Facility With Outdated Technology

Area 122 is operated as a joint program between the US and New Zealand. In 2018, a news crew from New Zealand was allowed inside. What they found was indeed shocking! Expecting to see a top-secret facility replete with the latest in state-of-the-art technology, what they found instead was rooms filled with ageing computer gear running on floppy disks looking like something that would have passed for a NORAD facility in a movie made in the 80s!

New Zealand Journalist Breanna Barraclough, explained this was because the team has to impose an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rule, due to their secluded location.

She said, “These clunky computers are older than I am, but they work. The interfaces are as basic as they come and instead of a USB port, each computer is equipped with a floppy disk drive.

She continued her description: “Skylights are scattered through the roof, providing a direct access point to the world above. A long, boxy piece of equipment known as the Dobson spectrometer sits in the corner, with a large periscope poking out of it and up through the roof.” She says that she was told “its role is to examine the ozone layer, to study that now-shrinking hole above the continent.” And that, “Other equipment [throughout the lab] studies the upper atmosphere and auroras – the polar lights.”

Breanna also admitted the equipment used is so sensitive, visitors are warned about breathing too hard or speaking too loudly, because such vibrations could throw off the data.

And what of the large orb, the most mysterious looking structure in Area 122? Of it Breanna says, “Rattling up the icy road to the laboratory, the first thing you notice is a strange-looking building off in the distance strongly resembling a giant disco ball. Perched atop a rocky hill, it looks like something out of a sci-fi film. ‘We can’t show you what’s in there,’ joked one of the personnel I travelled with, pointing at the mysterious orb. I shouldn’t have been surprised. She works for the Government.”

Does Breanna Barraclough’s reporting clear up the mysteries of Area 122, or just compound them? Was she shown the real facility, or only what she was allowed to see? Were those old computers merely a cover for what is really going on there? If the site is just another ASPA climate research facility, why the 24/7 military presence? And just what is in that “disco ball?”

In May of 2018, soon after Barraclough’s report, someone spotted on Google Earth what appeared to be a large cigar shaped object that had crash landed on South Georgia Island, off the coast of Antarctica, leaving a “1000 meter trench” behind it, and also what appeared to be a debris field. A video of the object received over 3 million views on YouTube. You can still see the video, but soon after, the object itself was seemingly erased from Google Maps.