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Florida Man Charged With Raping a Woman At Disney Resort!

A Florida man raped a woman at a Disney Resort while filming the sexual attack on his cell phone!

Orlando’s Disney World is supposed to be the “most magical place on earth,” but it was anything but for a woman who found herself the victim of a brutal sexual assault.

Eyvor Gomez, 49, has been arrested and accused of raping a woman at Disney’s Dolphin Resort after meeting her at a bar during the Fourth of July holiday weekend. Gomez was arrested and booked into the Orange County Jail on a charge of sexual assault — a first-degree felony.

According to an arrest affidavit, the victim told deputies she was having a drink at the bar of a restaurant at the resort in Lake Buena Vista when Gomez came up to her, and the two began talking. As the bar was about to close for the night, the woman said Gomez suggested they go outside, out of view of security cameras, because he had a bottle of liquor.

The alleged victim said as soon as they exited the bar, Gomez began making unwanted sexual advances at her. The affidavit stated that when the woman rejected Gomez, he pushed her against a wall, causing her to black out.

When the woman began to regain consciousness, she said her skirt was at her ankles, and she was being raped.

She told deputies that she was afraid that Gomez was going to kill her, so she kept her eyes closed. When Gomez stopped, the report said that the woman asked him, “how did I end up like this?” He reportedly said, “I don’t know. You just ended up like that.”

The woman continued to act like everything was OK and headed back to the resort, the report said.

As they were walking, the woman was able to distance herself from Gomez. She found a group of people sitting in the lounge area and ran to sit by them. She asked them to pretend that they knew her so that Gomez would leave her alone.

At one point during the sexual assault, security cameras caught the alleged victim trying to crawl away from Gomez as he was forcing himself on her and photographing the alleged rape with his cellphone, according to the court filing.

When deputies interviewed Gomez, he initially denied having any contact with his accuser but later changed his story, claiming that he and the women only engaged in “some consensual kissing.”

Disney security identified Gomez from another incident from the night before the alleged rape, this one involving him and his wife.

“There was an argument, and his wife was escorted back to their room,” the affidavit says. “Eyvor matched the description and photograph provided by witnesses. Disney confirmed through surveillance video.”