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Fisherman Pulls Bizarre Creature From the Depths that Looks Like a Testicle!

A fisherman in the UK brought up an unusual catch — a living sea creature that looked very much like a certain “forbidden” sex toy!

Fisherman and photographer Roman Fedortsov regularly share online the weird and mysterious things they uncover while fishing out at sea.

Usually scoring well-known sea creatures such as cod, haddock, and mackerel, he sometimes takes to fishing up to 3,000ft below the surface, and trolling those depths can bring some very strange creatures up to the surface, UK tabloid the Daily Star reports. 

Sharing his findings to his Instagram account of over 650,000 followers, these weird and wonderful “sea monsters” have included a mushroom-like orange creature and a catch that resembled a doughnut, as well as sharing his experience with a sea cow.

He has even shared findings of a “dragon-like” fish, with large eyes and wing shapes, with praise from dozens of users for his “educational” posts.

But the 39-year-old’s latest unusual find has had people quick to comment on its resemblance to a popular male “sex toy.” 

The video captures a bulbous creature, pinkish in color, with what appears to be a hole at the bottom lined with “ticklers.” 

Almost 400 comments have been made on the post, raking in over 10,000 likes, with some finding humor in its appearance.

“The forbidden fleshlight,” wrote one commenter, referencing a sex toy used by males, which has a similar shape to the creature.

A second person added: “Okay, this one is clearly a sex toy.”

A third said: “I hate my brain.”

A fourth added: “Ocean’s fleshlight.”

Another wrote: “OK, that’s crazy.”

The fisherman has been praised for sharing his discoveries as one user said, “Most of us would never have seen or know about the world in the ocean depths.

“Netting is a fact of like if you like to eat and use daily products. Thanks so much for creating this and sharing what you know! Your education has reached so many.”