Finland Is on the Verge of Making Christianity Illegal!

It could soon be against the law to be a Christian in the Scandinavian country of Finland!

Once a devoutly Christian nation, now less than one-third of Finns say they believe in God, but far more distressing is that the country has begun criminal investigations of Christians for expressing Christian values.

Päivi Räsänen is under two investigations for allegedly defaming or insulting homosexuals. The first after she shared a Bible verse on Twitter last year aimed at Finland’s Lutheran church for promoting the homosexual lifestyle.

Räsänen told CBN, “In my tweet, I directly cited Romans first chapter and verses 24 to 27 and posted the picture of the passages from the Bible.” The passage she mentions condemns homosexuality.

Finland’s Prosecutor General has now opened a second investigation concerning a pamphlet that Päivi wrote 15 years ago about Biblical Christian marriage, called “Man and woman, He created them.”

It is biblical teaching that the Finnish constitution says it supports. Räsänen told CBN, and it is because of that, she assumed the investigation would not go anywhere.

“Yes, yes, I assumed. In fact, it was a surprise for me that there is even a police investigation about that case. I wouldn’t have believed it.”

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Leif Nummela, editor of a Christian newspaper and a Christian TV host in Finland told CBN, “I thought that this couldn’t happen. It was unbelievable. It was a real surprise. And my first thought was, ‘are they really going this far’?”

The Lutheran pastor who published the pamphlet Päivi wrote on Christian marriage is also under investigation.

Finland’s Christians Had Better Take Note!

Finnish Christian broadcaster, author and theologian Pasi Turunen says this has been a rude awakening for many Christians.

“Finnish Christians have lived in a very homogeneous Christian culture,” Turunen said. “It’s been very easy because everybody thinks and believes the same way pretty much and now this has become a completely new situation for us when our faith is challenged.”

What makes the charges brought against Pavi all the more odd, is that Finland, unlike the US, does have a “national church,” with a constitution that still tells the national church to “proclaim a Bible-based Christian faith.”

Päivi said this all began in prayer when she felt led by the Lord to do something to wake up the national church in Finland on the issue of homosexuality. But she now fears this investigation will make them too afraid to proclaim their faith.

“I’m worried that this case, the criminal investigation, might frighten some Christians to hide and to keep silent.”

If convicted, Päivi could be fined or even imprisoned. And Turunen feels that support for her from Finnish evangelical leaders has been weak.

Päivi says she’s not afraid and believes God has a plan in this for Finland.

She said, “I am waiting to see what God is doing, because when He raises up prayers, then we can know that He is doing something.”

31 Replies to “Finland Is on the Verge of Making Christianity Illegal!”

  1. Michael Hodges

    So what they are really doing is taking a page from the Adolf Hitler book blame the Jews. Instead we blame Christians for what is wrong with your Nation. I may be wrong but I think it is the people running your government. You sound more like your Nation is becoming more like a Islam Muslim nation. As always the real problem in that kind of Government is who is in the Drivers seat of your crazy car. In the end it will destroy your nation. You just can’t see it yet.

  2. james r hunt

    Finland is doomed for Hell! Not surprising America is just behind Finland!! They can Not take Jesus from anyone!! They can not take prayer out of school or anywhere else. Its one on one with you and God and no one can stop that. nor any Nation! At laugh at there calamity and WEAKNESS as Satan has blinded them into weakness!! Never ever had a desire to go to Finland !

  3. Dolly Normand

    May God Bless her, if I knew her address i’d send her some money for a defense lawyer….. if she could find one brave enough to help her. God is watching, he’s working, he’s seeing. Lord keep her safe in the name of Jesus… AMEN

  4. Stone Jones

    This is interesting for several reasons. But my question is America that far behind? The real question is what does it mean to be a Christian? How closely does one have to follow Christ’s teachings and how closely does someone need to follow Biblical principles to be a “Christian”?

    There is currently a presidential candidate that seems to consider himself a “Christian”. He doesn’t believe in protecting the unborn, but the Bible states that God knows each of us while we were in the womb. He lives an alternative lifestyle, which most ‘Christian’ churches preach is wrong in the eyes of God. He has spoken out against the current president, who we all know is not perfect, stating he isn’t living as a ‘Christian’ should. He actively promotes his lifestyle as OK in the eyes of God, which many believe is not Biblical. Many in our country accept him and his lifestyle as being OK.

    So the question is what does it mean to be a “Christian”? Because if living as on pleases, living in a lifestyle that is not in accordance with the Word of God, if believing that genocide is acceptable, are all traits of a good “Christian” life, then just how much “Christianity” is left in the United States?

    Ain’t that an inconvenient truth.

  5. Rachael

    My prayers go out to you, your pastor and to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Finland and all around the world that are being persecuted for their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Look up our savior is coming soon!!!

  6. Rex

    That’s what happens when you allow a foot hold of the perverted homosexuals to take hold and their whining to be heard. Lead them to Christ yes but cut the head off the serpent. It started when ungodly fools started to be sympathetic towards these demonic influenced homosexuals thus empowering them to whine and speak up about equality and whatever other perverted thought that tickled their ears. What happened is that good men did nothing when they should have done plenty.

    • Joe Shaw

      So, what exactly would all you so-called “good men” do with the gay community? Try pushing me around. I’m here in Seattle. that is NOT what religious freedom means!

    • Bill Larkin

      Amen brother, live outside the closet but never ever be allowed power. No government positions, no marriage, be treated as an abnormal person. Sorry but the good and bad, right and wrong , polarity of plus and minus exist. Just like man and women. Front and back, , normal and abnormal. To give abnormalities POWER is to seek your own ( normal) demise. Its basic survival. The strong survive to lead the weak , thus there is a strong to survive. We cannot permit the weak to lead or rule or dictate anything. God created but man can destroy the will of God. Free will is the weakness of man. Choices are always compromised by weakness. God first. Homos last. Desire whether sexual or pedophilic is a weakness that needs discipline to conquer. God gives us laws to help discern the weaknesses but WE must have discipline to control a moral society, which is what the majority wants. Anyways it starts with their outting, accepted in public. Now gay marriage, next legal pedophiles then beastiality…cmon people this is decay.

  7. Joe Shaw

    Just did a fact-checking. NO, Christianity is NOT about to be banned. This is just the American protestant trying to stir up religious fear. Now, it would be nice if we could muzzle the Amerikan-protestant and shut them up! Many Muslims in Finland are converting to Christianity. But, if American protestants think that religious freedom means the right to cause hate and discontent among people, then NO. You do not have that right. Keep it in your churches!

  8. DH

    SO disappointing, sounds like the Muslins are taking over. Why would anyone give up Christianity? The country is committing hari kari, on a road to self destruction. Sorry for you all.

  9. Sam

    The Bible KJV states in the influenced words of the Disciples that the end of time will see the Christians hunted and killed for his name. Perhaps the Finish people are ushering in the beginning of the end. It is a shame that the world is viewing the castigating of God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost as being myths. I await the judgment day and I hope God allows me to watch the sentencing of those who thought he was a Myth.

  10. Twila Nicholson

    The Bible states that in the last days Christians will be subjected to hate and contempt because of their faith. Mankind has gotten further and further from God and they have scales on their eyes not seeing the truth.

  11. doug hall

    I a Christian. I try to foiiow what He said. I do not recall Him ever teaching against gays. but He did say some things about judging other people.

  12. Michael Skok

    It is predicted in the Book of Revelation that the Beast will fight against the saints (Christians who are alive) and will defeat them. Jesus also told us that the days of the coming of the Son of Man will be like the days of Lot. Lot lived in Sodom. And the men of the city, both old and young, came and said, “Bring the men who came to you out to us so that we may know them.” (Genesis 19:4&5). This is what is happening to the world today.

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